Sunday, 31 January 2010


Just like london buses

As you might be aware of, I have been gunning for a Proto Drake for some time now, with all attempts at a Red Drake (a.k.a the curse of Less-rabi) and a Green Drake (51 weeks) failing.

Until now!

I queued up with fellow Guildy Oldbeard for a random HC and up came Gundrak. When we got there I whispered Oldbeard "I hope we fluke Less-Rabi but I'm not going to suggest doing it". Anyway, the time came and the tank said to go for it. I didn't want to bother using any pots/food (my gold is starting to dwindle) but I did equip my new Epic Ammo for the occasion. Our line up was a Warrior tank, Cat Druid, Ret Pala, MM Hunter and a Holy Priest. The warrior said he had the first 2 interrupts covered and we should kill him before the 3rd. Here's how it went:

And one week before, my 51st Mysterious Egg gave me:

and thus ending one of the longest running jokes of all time!

Which to use? I think the Red one looks better although it is more common.

Aggro My Own Vegetables

After creating the AMOV guild and leading it for 2 years (ish?) our Guild Master has stepped down and left WoW, partly for a break and partly for STO. That increases our "main raider" departures to 5 recently (Serenades, McLovin, Elendria, Bipbaps and now TommyTank). They're all welcome back of course! I think some people miss some more than others though:

With Tom's departure I filled in the gap until his return as GM of AMOV. So far I've resisted the temptation to sell the guild bank! (Note to guildies: JOKE!)

It's not all sad news of people leaving though, we have recently recruited some new good players: Longoria (Resto Druid) Zyvaa (Holy Priest currently parading around as a Disc Priest) Amalix (Ret Pala), Lillemin (SV Hunter - possibly spelt the name wrong) and we have one returner to the guild Zuuric (Ele Shammy). Welcome guys!

We also have a fully functioning website up and running (thanks to Laneel!) which is partly why my updates to my blog have all but stopped. Check it out: (Note to: Sign up on the site and use our forums!)

I think there are few bigger haters of Gnome's than AMOV's Frost DK tank: Asaron. How surprised was I to see this in my gearscore window:

Ice-Crown Citadel

How are you all finding it?

Amov (10 man raiders) currently have Festergut down and are working on Rotface (hoping to down him today, we raid twice a week). I find the boss fights here pretty cool, I can't think of any where you can simply stand and DPS (other than Melee DPS) so there's always something to be doing, which gives us lots of time to shine with out HUNTER POWER!

I like the new Explosive Trap

Incase anyone missed it, Explosive Trap got a nice buff in the last patch. It's now better for us to stand near the trash so we can drop the trap without moving and then to continue volleying (Riskier business though). It's not very mana efficient (don't expect to do this for very long w/o drinking after every pull) but BOOM big numbers! The reason is that the new AoE cap is applied per ability, so we have 2 AoE things in there so 2 separate caps. I do wonder what my DK could get on this trash...

Taking advantage of bankers

Probably not how you is a shot of what happens to my Gnome Banker the second I go AFK with Lynnx around.

New 3.3 Beast Master Spirit Beasts Pet

Another rare spawn was added in the la that st patch for a new spirit beasts. As spirit beasts come under the Ferocity Pet tree, this new bear model won't share the same tanking abilities that an actual bear bet will have, so bear (lol) in mind!


Well my Alt got to Lv80 and as 3.3 hit has farmed every emblem item for both his Tanking and DPS offspec, so it probably fine to take into Icecrown. As my main is obviously a DPS charater, I wasn't too bothered about getting serious over Barakus DPS spec so I went for a Max AoE damage spec. I tried it out in TOC25 against some pretty high geared people (including a mage with a gear score of over 6k, which is the highest i've seen on this server) and did very well in any AoE situation (admitedly probably not the best option on the Faction Champions but I wasn't bothered):

And now for some more screenies as I have run out of things to say....
(Bit late on the token Yogg kill screenie I know!)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Fully 10 man geared

What Val's been up to.....

Well it's been some time since my last post and in that time, I've managed to get myself fully T9 10 man geared. Nothing I need from any 10 man raids now, the only upgrades I can get are from VoA25, ToC25 and ToC10 Heroic (not even going to mention 25 heroic, lol). Not bad going!

I've dabbled in a bit more Arena too, played some more 2v2 with a Holy Priest and some random 3v3 games with different people but the 1400 barrier is being a pain to get past. I'm going to hopefully get a Holy Paladin, unholy DK and BM Hunter (yes, I'm going to respecced BM for PvP!) to try a "beast cleave" team. The combo got a bit nerfed but if it's still strong, it might just work out!

I've also broken the 40th Mysterious Egg barrier without getting a Green Proto-Drake. WHEN WILL IT DROP???

Ok, now all that text is out of the way, lets get some more screenies in!


Sadly my friend Wideeye/Oldbeard has stopped playing WoW again due to life balance issues...well, thats what I thought until I saw what really happened...HE TURNED INTO AN NPC!

PvP tip 1: How to win Wintergrap

If all the Alliance grouped up from the west it's insta-win! Below is sadly a rare sight on Chromaggus EU.

Free PvP Tip 2: How to win WSG

If in doubt, hide the flag!

Super-size your Freezing trap

Surfing USA Howling Fjord

Trial of the Hunters

In one of the guild ToC10 attempts we took 3 Hunters!! Can you believe it. Oh and yes, one of those pets is a bear (not mine!).


Wow, massive changes in the new expansion pack for us hunters...NO. MORE. MANA. We're going to be like a whole new class! Should be fun. New races will be available too for hunters, I might even consider changing my race from Night Elf to Worgen!

One of the new races did jump the gun though....

Congrats Elendria!

The Loremaster achievement requires a lot of dedication to get, there's no quick way around completing it so GZ to Elendria!

Getting to know Asaron

Asaron, a Guild Tank of AMOV holds two things very close to his heart. His love of fishing and his love of Gnomes. If you're ever looking for him, check any nearby water sources or high concentration of Gnomes, "Cuddlyhoney" in particular.

Getting to know Sunier

In his own words:

New Personal VoA10 Koralon DPS Record

Topped my highest DPS on this boss and I've got 2 new items of gear since :D


Trial of the Crusader: 25 Man

I was lucky enough to get into a ToC25 man PuG and get all the way up to Anub'Arak (which is where most ToC25 pugs fail in my experience) and not only that, I got 2 items! Sweet:
Windrunner's Tunic of Triumph
(ok, I did buy the trophy from someone for 800g to get that last one)

Not only that, I recorded the Beasts of Northrend fight. It's best to watch the below using the HQ button and don't worry, there's no boring commentary by me or any techno music!

No Ground in AV?

This weird bug happened to me in AV, the ground went see-through!

Turtle Power!

I was fishing for some mats for a fish feast when this mount dropped! I have no luck with mount drops usually (I think I'm about week 40+ waiting for that Green Proto Drake). I highly recommend using the mount wearing nothing but a chefs hat.

See you in the Icecrown citadel!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

WoW, A new post!!!

Yes, you're not mistaken, I am actually updating my blog!

First of all, some news headlines:
(click on picture to enlarge)

"Everybody Loves Valilor" 2v2 Arena team go on a 10 match hot streak

A new optional Hard-Mode only boss has been added to Naxxramas

Valilor hits Lv450 at fishing

Equipment Manager has been released

Dave, Valilor's first ever pet is abandoned to make way for a PvP Crab :(

Valilor gets his...err....Red Proto Drake?

Kologarn attempts to stop AMOV's progress through Ulduar

Valilor earns the Crusader Title!

AMOV Maintain their "king of the rollers" title

Valilor gets a new personal record DPS on the mob before Emalon in VoA10

Valilor's Argent Tournament Squire starts to freak people out

Patchwerk is all out of play

Some pretty big headlines there I'm sure you'll agree!

Not too long ago, there was a little exploit which Blizzard have since plugged which allowed hunters to tame a Worgen (You can see why now after the Cataclysm announcement). Laneelalt got in there just in time though! Shame they have all been turned into wolves now.

Thankfully I'm not wearing it anymore but for a couple of weeks I had to put up with this terrible looking helm...what were they thinking designing this?

I spotted the uber-rare Ashes of Al'ar flying mount from the Tempest Keep in Dalaran the other day, check the video a bit further down. Man I want one of these!

Not only that but I've also been seeing Skoll, the new rare exotic spirit beast around Dalaran. Shame it's exotic and not just a rare looking wolf...

I also managed to solo the boss in the oculus....ok, maybe I didn't but I quite like this picture...

As you probably know, I'm an Officer in "Aggro My Own Vegetable" guild on Chromaggus, so I thought I'd do a nice "meet the team" feature and here is part 1:

Movie Clips

Here's a clip of the Al'ar mount in action

In memory of Michael Jackson, I give you the forward moonwalk!

Sometimes I get terrible lag spikes, which usually ends up with WoW DCing me or the connection just never coming's what it looks like for those of you who don't get it!

I was going through some old video's I had, they aren't great but I found 2 old ones of me ganking and boy do I look different now! Check out the 2 vid's below and then compare it to the 3rd....Since Wrath I look a lot more bad a$$!
(Yes getting through doorways with my old shoulders was a problem)