Sunday, 30 August 2009

WoW, A new post!!!

Yes, you're not mistaken, I am actually updating my blog!

First of all, some news headlines:
(click on picture to enlarge)

"Everybody Loves Valilor" 2v2 Arena team go on a 10 match hot streak

A new optional Hard-Mode only boss has been added to Naxxramas

Valilor hits Lv450 at fishing

Equipment Manager has been released

Dave, Valilor's first ever pet is abandoned to make way for a PvP Crab :(

Valilor gets his...err....Red Proto Drake?

Kologarn attempts to stop AMOV's progress through Ulduar

Valilor earns the Crusader Title!

AMOV Maintain their "king of the rollers" title

Valilor gets a new personal record DPS on the mob before Emalon in VoA10

Valilor's Argent Tournament Squire starts to freak people out

Patchwerk is all out of play

Some pretty big headlines there I'm sure you'll agree!

Not too long ago, there was a little exploit which Blizzard have since plugged which allowed hunters to tame a Worgen (You can see why now after the Cataclysm announcement). Laneelalt got in there just in time though! Shame they have all been turned into wolves now.

Thankfully I'm not wearing it anymore but for a couple of weeks I had to put up with this terrible looking helm...what were they thinking designing this?

I spotted the uber-rare Ashes of Al'ar flying mount from the Tempest Keep in Dalaran the other day, check the video a bit further down. Man I want one of these!

Not only that but I've also been seeing Skoll, the new rare exotic spirit beast around Dalaran. Shame it's exotic and not just a rare looking wolf...

I also managed to solo the boss in the oculus....ok, maybe I didn't but I quite like this picture...

As you probably know, I'm an Officer in "Aggro My Own Vegetable" guild on Chromaggus, so I thought I'd do a nice "meet the team" feature and here is part 1:

Movie Clips

Here's a clip of the Al'ar mount in action

In memory of Michael Jackson, I give you the forward moonwalk!

Sometimes I get terrible lag spikes, which usually ends up with WoW DCing me or the connection just never coming's what it looks like for those of you who don't get it!

I was going through some old video's I had, they aren't great but I found 2 old ones of me ganking and boy do I look different now! Check out the 2 vid's below and then compare it to the 3rd....Since Wrath I look a lot more bad a$$!
(Yes getting through doorways with my old shoulders was a problem)