Saturday, 14 March 2009

Final Pre-Naxx post

Only 1 day to go until AMOV take on the evil forces in Naxxramas! I have a quick few updates and also something that could become a new Friday feature.....

Friday's Yolk - Week 1

My Mysterious Egg turned into a Cracked Egg on Friday....and what did I get? Aged Yolk :( I bought another mysterious egg which will again hatch on Friday so stay tuned for the next installment of the exciting adventures of the mysterious egg!

Eat my [Epic] shorts

Heloko and I joined a Naxx25 PuG 2 night ago and cleared out the arachnid and plague quarters but failed on patchwerk. Heloko got a couple of drops and I got one, the pretty much best-in-slot Leggings of Colossal Strides. Just need Kynnx to make me one of those Icescale Leg Armor kits for my new legs and they'll be ready to rock Naxx10!

We failed 3 times on Patchwerk - twice because the melee DPS/healers messed up and once because we didn't have enough DPS, which without that we weren't going to progress. That also ended the run. Here's a s/shot from recount on our DPS, I'm pretty sure at just over 3k DPS I shouldn't be top!

At one point in Naxx, at the beginning of the Arachnid quarter Heloko whispered to me:
"I think my recount is broken, you're doing over 8k DPS"
"Ah, that'll be Volley :) You should have seen it pre-30% nerf!"

And that's why looking at DPS on Trash isn't important, just check the boss damage - Anyone with AoE damage has a big advantage, especially if they invest 6 talent points into it :p

You are not prepared!

Before going on a raid it's best to know what drops you need/don't need to save time and confusion on rolls! With this in mind I got working on Naxx10 drops, lets see what I get! (Percentages are the odd's of the item dropping)

Arachnid Quarter

Anub'Rekhan - Collar of Dissolution 18% - Nice bit of hit on these but with the +expertise I'll pass on for any melee DPS.

Grand Widow Faerlina - Rusted-Link Spiked Gauntlets 10% - These are BoE but with their +hit they can give me a bit more flexibility should I need to swap any gear around.

Maexxna - Nothing! (I already have the Wraith Spear)

Plague Quarter

Noth the Plaguebringer - Spaulders of Resumed Battle 19% - Nice shoulder with +hit, again giving me more flexibilty but as it's leather I'll let other class' need before me.

Heigan the Unclean - Nothing!

Loatheb - Spaulders of the Lost Protector 29% - Trade that in for Tier 7 Hunter Shoulders (Heroes' Cryptstalker Spaulders). Loatheb's Shadow 10% is nice but more of a side grade for me so I'll let someone else need before me.

Construct Quarter

Patchwerk - Hatestrike 24% - Obviously I'll let any rogue need before me but it has some very hunter-friendly stats. I'm kinda hoping it doesn't drop or if it does there is a rogue there as I hate the 2H vs. Dual-Wield argument in my head! Things would be much simpler if hunters just used 2H...

Grobbulus - Sealing Ring of Grobbulus 10% - Probably the item I need most from Naxx10 - a big upgrade from my current Bjarngrim Family Signet! The Blistered Belt of Decay 9% is also nice but again it's a bit of a side grade so I'll let others need above me.

Gluth - Leggings of the lost protector 10% - Tier 7 Hunter legs (Heroes' Cryptstalker Legguards) nice to get set bonus but possibly a downgrade so I'll probably pass. Spaulders of the lost protector 9% - can drop here as well as from Loatheb earlier.

Thaddius - Leggings of the lost protector 26% - These could drop again but they are still a possible downgrade and there's nothing else of interest!

Military Quarter

Instructor Razuvious - Cloak of Darkening 10% - Great cloak, just a shame about the lack of hit. Still a nice upgrade for me though.

Gothik the Harvester - Spectral Rider's Girdle 10% - Nice belt but lacking hit bit of a side-grade for some more hit balancing options.

Four Horsemen - Nothing! (I already have the Pauldrons of Havoc)

Frostwyrm Lair

Sapphiron - Key to the focusing Iris 89% - not really gear, just a key to open the EoE raid encounter so it's not too important who gets it really. Cloak of Mastery 17% - Another cloak upgrade, this time with hit! The Helm of Vast Legions 16% is a bit of a +hit sidegrade to my current helm. Being leather though, I'll leather wearers have priority.


First of all, I just want to say I want to kill this punk bad! Just need to kill him and Malygos and I've killed everyone pre-Uludar.

There's loads of 1H weapons here I could need on - too many to link - but I'll see who else needs what first. The Gem of Imprisoned Vassals 19% is a nice neck upgrade for me. The Helm of the Lost Protector 27% is the Tier 7 hunter helm which is a nice upgrade and could get me the next set bonus, which is good for long boss fights where I have to switch to Aspect of the Viper. Finally the Nerubian Conquerer 19% drops here which has more AP, Critand Agility than my Final Voyage but less Haste. A side-grade but worth needing on though in case I hit the haste cap or need to swap things around.

Naxx Conclusion

Some straight forward upgrades available for my cloak, ring and helm here and a few side-grades should anyone else not need them. I'll be pleasantly suprised if we can do more than the Arachnid and Plague quarters on our first run, so with those 2 in mind there's nothing other than side grades available for me :( Oh well, should be fun and for the better of the guild!

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