Monday, 30 March 2009

Sunny Side Up

Friday'sSaturday's Yolk - Week 3

I was busy on Friday so I couldn't log in to check on my egg until a day later, so "The Friday Yolk" now becomes the "Saturday Yolk"

Anyway, I'm sure you're just busting to find out what this weeks Mysterious Egg was, and it was a.......White Tickbird Hatchling.

Getting closer?

Week 1: Aged yolk (30%)
Week 2: Cobra Hatchling (19%)
Week 3: White Tickbird Hatchling (20%)
(% is the drop rate)

Heloko pointed out to me that you can buy the mysterious egg once you're revered with the oracles - I thought it was exhalted so I didn't visit the Quartermaster until I was exhalted which means I've missed out on 2 eggs/weeks! (21000 rep @ 1700 per day).

A side project

When I want to play WoW and Valilor hasn't got any raids, heroics, dailies or things to farm there's not a lot to I've decided to level an alt! Which class to choose? There's quite a few, all very different from hunters so I've decided to level one of each class to level 20 (Apart from DK obviously)! I wonder which I'll prefer? As of level 5, my money is on Shaman.

- Valilor's alt training program was immense

Friday, 27 March 2009

Mini Update

After a few unproductive days in WoW, yesterday was just the remedy!

Azjol-Nerub (Heroic)

Heloko, Ultradeath and myself went to AN chasing the 2 achievements which had so far eluded us; Watch Him Die and Hadronox Denied. Watch him die is probably one of the hardest to get and it was also first up. Here you have to kill the boss without killing any of the watchers.

Our first attempt was for me to try and kite all the mobs out of the boss room, up towards the entrance while everyone else nukes the boss ASAP. We gave this a try but I failed to kite them all up, some stayed behind and the group wiped. Ouch.

Our second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth attempt we tried another tactic, which eventually paid off. We pulled each group, one at a time, and killed the warriors/shadowcasters/skirmishers but left the watcher..the tank then picked these up and also the boss and we nuked him ASAP. This tactic needs a bit of luck and some good gear - anyone that gets webbed needs to be freed immediately and it's a touch task on the healer. Using Tranq shot on the the watcher gashra which enrages is pretty handy, I made a macro which auto targets it so I could fire it as soon as it was off Cooldown. We managed it on attempt six - we killed the boss and then wiped...but it was worth it!

The next achievement, Hadronox Denied, was a breeze compared to the last one. Using an exploit, I aggro'd the first group and FD'd, this reset the encounter so we could all run downstairs and take the boss down before any adds came. Easy.

- What happens when you don't take Succi

AN is now completely cleared! 2 more achievements down 14 to go :D

Obsidian Sanctum (25 Man)

After the successful AN run, the 3 of us joined a PuG to OS25.

Raid Leader: "Only 1 rule here: No Loot if you get hit by the magma wave."

Pretty hard rule but I've done this before without gettig hit so it wasn't impossible. A little worrying about what the PuG might be like though, when a RL comes out with rules like that in a PuG I usually assume the worst. That and his use of swearing didn't sit right.

Anyway, off we went, clearing the drakes from left to right and then onto Sarth. With the rule still fresh in my head I focused on not getting hit - which was probably to the expense of my DPS slightly but we killed him on our first attempt; I got to roll!

The usual non-hunter drops where there and then woah, the Fury of Five Flights was there! I rolled an 89.....and I won! The Leader took a while to respond and then said "I'll see if you got hit" (His mod recorded who did) but I was ok. He then said he wasn't sure because I had "Noob DPS"...WTF? I came 4th with 3.2k which is pretty good in my opinion, especially for hunters as this isn't a hunter friendly fight (How big is Sarth's hit box?? Really?!?!) anyway, after some umming and aaaahhing I got it, sweet! My first drop in some time :D

The drama didn't end there though - Heloko called the RL a pr*ck, which was more than fair enough and the RL even agreed that it was true. Heloko then rolled for the Wyrmrest band and lost the roll but the RL gave it to him anyway!

I'm not sure what the lesson here is, maybe it's to call the RL a Pr*ck when you're in a PuG to get more loots! XD

Obsidian Sanctum (10 Man)

I had arranged an AMOV run at OS10 at 9:30pm and 6 of us were ready so we had to call in 4 randoms to fill the gaps. Present were:

Asaron (DK Tank)
Succi (OT Feral Druid)
Heloko (Healer Paladin)
Valilor (DPS Hunter)
Ultradeath (DPS DK)
Gloam (DPS Paladin)

We filled in another 2 healers (Oddybody & Chemic) and one other DPS (Can't remember who) and off we went.

Again clearing left to right, we stayed out of the 1st portal and entered into the third, with Asaron and Heloko staying outside in all 3. Being Asaron's first time to OS, he never got to go inside a portal so he missed out on seeing all the naked women mud-wrestling....unlucky Asaron, maybe next time ;)

- Next time Asaron

There was a good DPS race going on, Gloam, Ultradeath and I were keeping up all the way around, I pulled ahead after every drake fight but on the trash Gloam and Ultradeath closed the gap...pretty tense stuff! I was probably only 5k ahead in total damage before Sarth but I managed to steal top DPS spot in the end....better luck next time Gloam/Ultradeath, MWA HA HA!

So the first AMOV OS10 run was a complete success! We'll start farming this short raid weekly now and as it was such a breeze, we'll try Sarth +1 Drake next time!

Some random bits

- Pirates vs Ninjas

- AMOV about to get stoned

- Fun with a Paladin almost goes wrong

- Strange bug if I press jump at the same time as mounting up

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Uludar Approaching!

To fail to plan is to plan to fail

With 3.1 and Uludar fast approaching (early April it's expected) now is a good time to take a step back and set some goals to aim for before you leave them behind and focus on Uludar.

After pondering about this for a while, here are my objectives in order of importance:

  1. Kill Kel'Thuzad and Malygos and earn the title "Champion of the Frozen Wastes"

  2. Complete the achievement Glory of the Hero and earn a Red Proto-Drake

  3. Get to Exalted with the Kalu'ak

  4. Earn the Chef title

  5. Complete some old-WoW content

Options 1 & 2 are the main things I want to do, 3-5 are pretty much optional. Lets see how I do!

Glory of the Hero

Will be mine

There's quite a few achievements to complete to get the proto drake but I'm quite far's what I have left to do:

Watch Him Die
Hardronox Denied

Old Kingdom
Volazj's Quick Demise
Respect your Elders

Consumption Junction
Better Off Dred

A Void Dance

Share the Love

Good Grief
Abuse the Ooze


Make it Count
Ruby Void
Amber Void
Emerald Void

So quite a bit then! Feel free to leave any tips!

Poll Time!

Which wing of Naxx do you find the hardest? Vote here:

Coming Soon: My next post will be some nice Marksman Hunter tips!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Not aged

Friday's Yolk - Week 2

This week my Mysterious Egg didn't turn into a aged yolk, it turned into a........Cobra Hatchling.
Better than an aged yolk but still not a Green Proto-Drake, lets see what happens next week!

Week 1: Aged yolk
Week 2: Cobra Hatchling

Easy Achievement
Achievement: Critter Gitter

While waiting around Naxx I noticed that just inside, before you get to any mobs, a lot of critters (maggots, rats and spiders) are around the place, so I decided to bring 10x Critter Bites next time I went. On Day 2 of the AMOV Naxx run I gave it a try and it was easy, I doubt I was anywhere near the 3 min time. As you don't need to clear any mobs to do this, anyone can get this here, you just need to be in a raid group and level 80.

Improving Succi

As you might have seen me mention in the previous Naxx postings, our Feral Druid, Succi, gets a lot of connectivity issues. I had a cunning plan to get around it but from the picture below you can see that it wouldn't work!

And finally.....

Rumors of me looking for a different guild are completely untrue.

Friday, 20 March 2009

AMOV Special: Naxxramas: The Construct and Military Quarters

Arachnid: Done
Plague: Done

Onto the construct quarter!

Gear Check!

Before entering the construct quarter, make you're all repaired (if no repair bot is available) and have a good supply of arrows, as if you need to leave Naxx for any of those, joining your raid again can be a pain because of the respawning slime (which needs most of the raid to kill so you can rejoin).

There's lots of trash in big groups in Naxx to deal with and you know what that means.....VOLLEY!

11,505 DPS? Thank you please

After dealing with the trash, we came to our first boss, the infamous Patchwerk.

The fight is often referred to as a "gear check" - tanks need to be able to survive the huge damage output, healers need to be able to heal almost constantly and DPS need to put enough DPS out to beat the Enrage timer." (Wowhead)

I think that pretty much sums the fight up. The healers will only be healing the melee classes, the ranged DPS/Healers shouldn't be getting hit at all in this fight. His main 2 abilities are hateful strike, which he uses every second to hit the player with the highest health in melee range and beserk - Patchwerk's enrage timer which will wipe the raid after 6 mins.

With the majority of AMOV geared in heroic gear (apart from maybe Heloko, Ultradeath and I) this would be a good test of how we're doing gear wise...and after 4 mins 23 seconds we passed! Patchwerk, being a single target boss which doesn't require you to move is known as the "DPS test" to see how good your DPS is. Here's the report: WWS Patchwerk

From the above you can see that Dave still misses a bit even though I'm "hit capped." This is because I reached the cap by using a point in Focused Aim which does not pass onto my pet. Since this run, I've adjusted my talents and gear a little, I've swapped out Bjarngrim Family Signet for the ring of Scarlett Shadows which has less AP & Haste but it has more hit. This took me to the hit cap with only gear so now my pets will be hit capped so no more miss' and I have a free talent point to play with, which I put in Unleashed Fury, taking it to rank 2 (of 5). Next time I face patch it should be interesting to see if this makes a big improvement.


We defeated Patchwerk at 23:25pm, it was getting late but we moved on to the next boss Grobbulus. He is strange, he has no face just a tube connecting to his chest....what's the point in that? If I was him I'd just roll over and die...

While on a good day he could probably only see his own liver, his abilities require the whole raid to be on the ball though, otherwise it'll be a wipe fest. Grobbulus' abilities require him to be tanked around the room to keep out of his Poison Cloud. Every 20 seconds (and more frequently as the fight goes on) he casts Mutating Injection on a player at random, which when the effect kicks in will make the player drop an AoE around them, possibly wiping the raid so they have to run away from the group, drop the AoE and then return. For the rest of the fight the melee DPS have to attack Grobbulus from the side, the Tank tanks him around the room and the ranged/healers stand in the middle unless someone gets the mutating injection. Grobbulus also has a 12 min enrage timer. Oh and he summons slime add's at certain times which will need to be OT'd and nuked by the DPS. Plenty to do then.

So in AMOV went, following the tactics as described but we didn't keep control of the slimes well enough. Every person that gets hit infront of Grobbulus will create a slime - and when they are killed they leave a poison cloud. By the end of the run too many people were hit this way and the floor was covered in poison clouds. Even with that problem it was our best attempt at Grobbulus and after 6mins 30 we wiped and annoying Grobbulus was on less than 100k HP!

Attempt 2 was funny, not really an attempt but it's classed as one in WWS so I'll count it! We all ran back after the first wipe, started healing/buffing up when a rogue Mirror Image from Rosencrantz either was over confident, brave or just stupid and engaged Grobbulus by himself...this attempt lasted 22 seconds in which time Gloam, Cumulonibus, Deadcreepy and Rosencrantz died. I can't say anything about this as I'm sure my pet control has wiped enough parties in the past.

Attempt 3 lasted 3 mins 25. I can't remember what happened on this run (a problem when you blog about it too many days later) but not as good as our first attempt. The time was now 00:02am and we decided to give it one last try...

Attempt 4 was another good attempt. We were going well, tanking the adds, running out of the group when we had the injection and Grobbulus knew this...that's why he used another ability which wasn't mentioned anywhere online...HAXX! First of all we lost Ultradeath - one DPS down, disconnected half way through the battle. Harsh. Next went Heloko - A key healer - he was still on vent but disconnected, only to come back near the end with UI problems - he could only see his own group. We wiped after 8 mins 09 seconds.

Ultradeath disconnected :(

And there we ended the day, to return tomorrow. Day 1 report here. Don't worry, you don't need to wait till tomorrow as tomorrow is already here!


We arranged to continue on the Monday evening but before entering Naxx we thought we'd have a bit of fun with Succi as he wasn't in our raid group yet because he was Arena-ing.

*While outside Naxx in Dragonblight*
Heloko: "Ok, Asaron pull now"
Asaron: "Ok"
Valilor: "Wait! Let me cast MD"
*We were doing nothing of the sort obviously*
Succi: "Huh? What's going on?"
Heloko: "OMG Succi, where are you? You're on adds!"
Valilor: "Oh oh"
Succi: "What? You've started?"
Heloko: "Yup...where are you?"
Succi: "Hang doesn't say your in Naxx in the social panel?"
Asaron: "There's lag between where we are and when the panel updates, that's why you can't see where we are."
Succi: "Oh crap ;( "
*Couple of mins pass*
Heloko:"FFS Succi, where were you? You were on adds!"
Asaron: "Wipe :("

LOL - Not word for word perfect but pretty much the gist of what happened. Succi's been after a title for a while now and it looks like he finally has one: Succi the Gullible!

So after that little bit of fun we all met at the summoning stone in Naxx, or so we thought...where was Cumulonimbus? We were 1 healer down when we entered Naxx for day 2 so we thought we'd give the construct quarter a miss, it was pretty close with 10 so we went for the military quarter as the first couple of boss' are meant to be easier.

Instructor Razuvious

The first boss in the Military quarter is a very hard hitting instructor. The strategy here is for 2 tanks to mind control 2 other mobs next to the instructor and tank him with those...taking it in turns to tank as the mind control runs out and timing bone shield/taunt accordingly. Everyone else needs to hug the boss and hunters need to keep him at the min range (just outside of melee).

We attempted to 9 man it with 2 was hard work though, the two tanks were Succi who kept disconnecting at the most inappropriate times and Asaron, who plays with an XBox 360 controller (and mouse/keyboard). It didn't go too well and we wiped after one of the tanks died (reason unknown) after 2 mins 57.

For attempt 2 we thought we'd enter LFG for another healer. In came M├╝barek a Paladin healer. He said "If we wipe I'm leaving" before we started - not a good sign for a healer. He was relatively well geared but went out of mana really early on in the fight and after 5 Mins 35 we wiped.

Attempt 3 we were back to 9 men but had the tactics down much better but possibly due to a Succi dissconnection we lost control of one of the tanks, who one-shotted Mynnx leaving us with 1 healer and we wiped after 6 mins 05. We knew we coud do it this time though, we just needed to stop any disconnections! It looks like Succi has earnt his second title on this run: Succi the Disconnector!

Attempt 4 = Success and also in 4 mins 31! Much better :D

Boss or Mob?

Next up was Gothik the harvester. Here you usually split into 2 groups and deal with the alive/undead side but when we entered the room no-one had read any tactics and Asaron noticed he only had around 800k HP so:

Asaron: "He only 800k HP, what a sissy!"
Heloko: "Go on then, Aggro him"
Asaron: "What are the tactics?"
Heloko: /Chicken
Asaron: "Don't make me!"

Asaron Engages Gothik!

All 9 of us were on one side, the death knights came, were promptly killed and they rose in spirit form, waiting for us on the other side. This went on for a few cycles until the doors separating the sides opened and a tide of mobs came! Chaos! Usually with all these adds I get volley out but I was too scared of the aggro so I just shot at Asaron's was mental! Gothik then came down to join in the fun, teleporting from one side to the other - completely pointlessly as the gates were open and we just nuked him into the ground (Usually the gates are closed and each group gets a go). What an easy boss! No tactics necessary...or maybe we can call this 9 man tactic "To AMOV it!"......Leeeeeeeerrrooooooyyyyy! [Report WWS Gothik]

Bear-Faced Cheek!

Between Gothik and the 4 Horsemen are some pretty tough trash mobs, so tough in fact that Valilor, Extra-Brave (apart from PvP) MM hunter has a chance of dying...and I did. What isn't too help full is when the feral druid comes to sit on your vunerable, helpless dead body and then for the resto druid to shift to a bear and sit on you too!

Once everyone was finished laughing, Heloko ressed me. I was in need of some healing......and a wash!

Apocalypse Now?

The last boss of the Military Quarter are the Four Horsemen. There's various tactics to use here but with 9 men and only 2 healers we were pretty limited. The four horsemen is arguably the hardest boss in Naxxramas as it needs the most co-ordination. For our first attempt we went for the strategy of using Gloam and Ultradeath to tank the rear ranged horsemen with Mynnx healing them and at the front Succi and Asaron tanked a boss each with the DPS nuking one of them at a time and Heloko healing. It started ok but we soon had problems with Heloko recieving the debuffs from both front boss' and then got one-shotted. With 9 men, one death = wipe and this was no different. 2 mins 13 in we wiped.

Attempt 2 we pulled Mynnx to the front and left no healers at the back, hopefully Gloam and Ultradeath could heal themselves through it but again we wiped after 1 min 40.

It was getting late now, attempt 2 ended at 00:24am but we decided to give it one more try. Using the same tactics as attempt 2 we wiped again after 1 min 10 secs. At 00:33am we decided to call it a night and that's where we left Naxx, AMOV's first attempt at Naxx was now complete - the reset coming just over a day later.

To be continued!

With 2 quarters cleared, most of the military and 1 boss from the construct, AMOV will return again - probably same time this week to re-run what we've already done and to hopefully get further this time! With the same 10 people, with no disconnections and a full turn out I have no doubt we can do it next time! A few people have also been running Heroics hectically since the Naxx run so we'll be better geared for our next Naxx attempt :D

Day 1 stats
Day 2 stats

Thursday, 19 March 2009

AMOV Special: Naxxramas: The Plague Quarter

After clearing all 3 boss' in the Anarchid quarter, AMOV rolled on to the next quarter - the plague quarter. Unlike the Anarchid quarter, the plague quarter actually has a drop I need - the T7 shoulders (see previous post) , which drop from Loatheb. Did I get it? Find out below! Here's the Day 1 WWS Report

Noth the Plaguebringer

After clearing out the trash without much hassle we found ourselves at the first boss of the plague quarter, Noth the plague bringer. Noth has this title as he can inflict a plague on some players, which if not decursed will spread and wipe the raid. Along with this ability, Noth can summon skeleton adds and at 3 points in the encounter he will teleport to a balcony and let the raid fight lots of mobs, which need to be picked up by the tanks and OTs.

Pretty straight-forward fight, we finished him in 6 mins 40 secs and as the nature of the fight has noth teleporting in/out and summoning adds, it's not a great one for Marksman Hunters and their mana, I went out of mana a few times and had to switch to the Aspect of the Viper. The report for the boss is here: WWS Noth the Plaguebringer

If you look at the below, in this fight I had to use Aspect of the Viper for 20% of time. Using that ability reduces your damage by 50% so I effectively had to nerf my DPS by 10% in this fight...and that's with both judgement of wisdom and replenishment - I need to figure out what happens in 25 man raids that can stop me from running out of mana....and copy it!

Aspect of the beast? lol

Tishoo, tishoo, all fall down....

Heigan the unclean is infamous for wiping raids that don't know the "dance". AMOV aren't one to turn a good old dance down though and we are most certainly not affaid to bust a off we went to face DJ Heigan in an epic battle for the dancefloor!

Heigan's has 2 phases and different abilities in Naxx10. In Phase 1 (The Slow Dance) the ranged DPS/healers have to run up to the platform and shoot pew pew heigan while the tank and melee DPS follow him round and perform the dance. The waves hit every 10 seconds and Hiegan can also silence all casters within 20 yards so the tank has to keep him a safe distance from the platform. After 90 seconds of slow dancing, Heigan presumably gets bored and begins Phase 2, the fast dance. In this phase Heigan goes back to the platform and EVERYONE has to get to the dancefloor, just as if Fatboy Slim just got on the decks. Valilor hates DJs. Phase 2 everyone has to do the dance, ranged can keep shooting if they can but the important thing here is survival - each wave happens every 2-3 seconds instead of 10 so you're constantly moving around. After 45 seconds of this Phase 1 starts again.

This item won't help you on Heigan unfortunately.

So how did AMOV fair? Well not everyone had been here before so I was expecting the worst. In phase one 2 melee DPS died and in phase 2 nearly the whole raid was finished...a few survived but by the time phase 2 came around again I found myself the last man standing, just like at the end of a night when everyone's coupled up....So only one thing for it, Solo Heigan!

/R "I'm going to have him, CHARRRRGGEEE!"

/R "Lol, go on, solo him"

*I get hit pretty hard*

/R "Ouch!"

*I run towards the exit*

*next hit comes*

*I die*

/R "LOL, you suck!"

*I press jump*

/R "Huzzah, I survived!" Feign Death is great :D

Ok, I didn't actually say Huzzah but some word to that effect. Here's the proof of my survival!:

For attempt two, I got everyone to watch me as I did the "dance" before we pulled Heigan (bad thought: Imagine pulling heigan in a club, eewww) and I had a big star on my head for people to wasn't enough though, we wiped again after 7 mins 21. The problem this time was that we didn't all die in the dance, there was just not enough DPS left by the end that we couldn't kill him quick enough so we started to get mana issues and also running the risk of hitting the waves each time.

Sign of a good party? Everyone on the floor....

Attempt 3 = Success!

After an epic 9 mins 57 and down to 4 men standing (Valilor, Ultradeath, Asaron and Heloko), we defeated Heigan and won the dancefloor! WWS Heigan the unclean

So after a hectic party, we clearly had enough dancing...time for some magic mushrooms..

Drugs are bad, M'kay?

So on we went to the final boss of the plague quarter, Loatheb. Loatheb is an interesting fight as there's 2 key things to look out for: Spores and the Necrotic Aura.

The DPS need to run to a spore (they can't be aggro'd) and kill them when theres at least 5 people within a 10 year range of it. The 5 people will get a +50% Crit buff plus will not cause any threat from their moves, which last 2 mins, so it's important to get this on the top DPS. A spore is summoned every 30 seconds so it's possible to get all DPS buffed up.

The Necrotic Aura makes the fight interesting for healers as it creates 20 second cycles, 17 seconds where they can't heal and 3 seconds where they can, so it's a mad scramble in those 3 seconds to keep everyone topped up.

Loatheb also casts inevitable doom which causes nature damage and after 7 mins he enrages and casts this ability more frequently, so it's a DPS race to kill him as quick as possible before the damage becomes unhealable which is why you'll need all the crit you can get...his HP is 6.69 million!

Here's a breakdown of the fight:

1min-5min: Uneventful


Cumulonimbus dies


Rosencrantz dies


Gloam: "Don't heal me, i'll use Lay on hands"
*Gloam presses wrong button*

Gloam has died


Mynnx has died
Loatheb has died

Loatheb looks a bit like a reto druid, maybe he had a spiritual bond with Mynnx the resto druid?

Report is here: WWS Loatheb

Over 4k DPS? Lots of Crit Buff!

Did the T7 Hunter shoulders drop? NO! So 2 quarters down, nothing rolled on....on to the construct Quarter!

Our next task....


Monday, 16 March 2009

AMOV Special: Naxxramas: The Arachnid Quarter

Sunday, March 15th - Aggro My Own Vegetable's first ever guild raid. Unable to do a full clear in one sitting, at the end of day 1 we called it a day at Grobbulus in the construct quarter. The Day 1 report is here. This evening we continue hopefully clearing the construct and military quarters before heading for the final two, including KT who is on my hit list!

Doing a full report of the whole run in one go would probably be a bit too much for me to do and you to read so I'll post a quarter at a time.

The check list

Going on a raid isn't quite as simple as just turning up, you need to get everything ready so I went through this check list:
  • Raid & Pet Food [Strangely YOU have to eat the pet food for the pet to get the bonus]
  • Buy 5600 arrows/bullets [28 Slot quiver/ammo pouch]
  • Unless you're gunning for a undying/immortal achievement, get the relevant flasks which persist through death.
  • Repair all your gear.
  • Make sure everything is enchanted/gemmed.
  • Check your hit rating [Being hit capped might not be possible for everyone]
  • Read boss tactics.
  • Sign into Vent [If available]
With all the above done, you'll already be better than 90% of PuG raids and ready to go. When buying bullets/arrows, if you're not an engineer or if you don't have one in your guild I would buy the cheaper arrows/bullets from a vendor and then a few stack from the AH of the highest damage arrows/bullets and swap them in for any boss' which need a little more punch. Remember, you can even change your ammo type in combat. For an example of the difference in price, a stack of 200 Terrorshaft arrows cost around 30 silver, while a stack of 200 Saronite Razorhead arrows on the AH cost about 8 gold! On average I would say a quarter of Naxx might use up 8 slots of ammo, so if you're just using the expensive ones, that's 64 gold per quarter!

Enter, Stranger(s).....

For the first time in the history of AMOV we not only had 10 level 80s online but we were going on a raid! The 10 split was as follows and only Wideeye, a Level 64 BM hunter, was left behind. Some say he was left to cook and wash up while the men went to battle.

Asaron (MT) - Frost DK
Succi - Feral Druid

Heloko - Holy Paladin
Mynnx - Resto Druid
Cumulonimbus - Resto Shaman....or possibly a cloud

Valilor - MM Hunter, a.k.a ME!
Ultradeath - Blood DK (who also happens to have the same name as my pet, Dave)
Deepcreepy - Combat Rogue
Gloam - Ret Paladin & Mana Battery
Rosencrantz - Arcane Mage

A plague of locust

So off we went into Naxx, for some of us we'd been here before but for some it was their first time. We didn't get off to the smoothest of starts, as Raid Leader at the beginning we went in for someone to point out that I still had it on heroic, d'oh! For once it wasn't something I could blame my pet for. Once that was all done Heloko and I, both cooks over Lv400, thought we'd have a cook off. Heloko put down a great feast, a good solid entry. I went one better, I put down a great feast and then cast a ring of light on it! I thought that was enough but then someone helped out heloko and did the same, it was a draw...Bar humbug!

Once we were all buffed we went into Naxx. Killing all trash on sight we were an unstoppable machine, all fell before us. Would we roll on straight through the first boss?

Anub'Rekhan was first up. Looking like some freaking beetle, this Nerubian Crypt-Lord would be our first challenge. There's 2 tactics to use on the boss here, both involve the ranged DPS and healers to stand near the middle of the room but where they differ is how to tank the boss. Option 1 is to kite him around the room when he casts his locust swarm while Option 2 is to heal the tank through it. The OT picks up the adds and everyone kills/AoEs them down before going back to the boss. We went for option 2.

Not much to report here other than it was a cakewalk, Anub'Rekhan was dead after 4 mins 28 seconds with no player deaths. The report is here: WWS Anub'Rekhan.

As far as my performance was here - it was ok. With lots of adds to switch between it makes an impact on my DPS. For Boss fights, single targets are much better for my DPS as AoE (Volley) is mana inefficient so I'll do better on single targets. This isn't the cast on trash, where Volley is king as my Rapid Recuperation will proc and keep my mana up.

Drops? Well if you saw my previous post you'll know that there wasn't anything I'd need on in this quarter so nothing useful here...

Not so grand

Without much bother we were at the next boss, Grand Widow Faerlina. This boss has 4 worshippers in Naxx10 and 3 abilities to look out for. One is a poison DoT she casts at the closest 3 players, an AoE called Rein of Fire and most importantly Frenzy. The Dot is disspellable, the AoE needs to be stepped out of and Frenzy can be stopped by killing a worshipper, so the tactic here is to tank and spank the boss until she frenzies, then kill 1 worshipper and go back to the boss. Easy. And it was, after 3 mins 13, no player deaths, boss #2 was down. WWS Grand Widow Faerlina.

A better performance for everyone's DPS here as while we had to hit a few extra mobs, they died very quickly so we were nuking the boss 99% of the time.

Sorry, no Rogues

The last boss in the arachnid quarter is said to Feign Death and give out loot but after 2 easy boss kills, fighting Maexxna didn't go so smoothly....

After clearing out the rest of the trash, we climbed up the webbed ladder and entered Maexxna's lair. Looking like a a Myst Spinner from Bloodmyst Isle, I offered for everyone to stay where it's safe and I'll go in and tame it....the offer was rejected! Maexxna's abilities are to spawn little spider mobs which need to be AoE'd down and off tanked (or at least kept off the healers), poison, web wrap (which freezes everyone for 2 secs every 40), enrage @ 30% health and cocooon, which randomly wraps one player in web from which they will need to be freed - a bit like the spiders in AN. Our tactic was to tank the boss, everyone else DPS and Rosencrantz and I take care of opening any cocoons.

*Ready Check Confirmed*
"Everybody in?"
"Yes" x10
*Asaron engages boss*
"WTF?" x 3

Yup, 3 DPS were locked out of the Boss fight as they weren't in properly, lol. Here's the stats for that attempt. Without 3/5 of our DPS missing we didn't have the fire power to kill off the boss very efficiently and after 8 mins 25 seconds we wiped after the boss enraged. I hope it was a fun 8 mins to watch from the sidelines guys!

After running back in (None of the 3; Deepcreepy, Ultradeath or Rosencrantz could res) and rebuffing we were ready to take down this big spider.

*Ready Check Confirmed*
"Everybody in this time??"
"Yes" x10
*Asaron engaged boss*
"WTF?!?!" x1

LOL, Deepcreepy didn't make it again - looks like Maexxna, like most people, don't like Rogues. Pretty strict door policy really! With only 1 DPS missing this time the attempt was a lot more successful and in exactly half of the time we wiped in, we killed the boss (4 mins 12 secs). WWS Maexxna attempt 2.

With 3 boss' down we bugged out of there (Get it? Bugged! LOL) and headed to the next quarter where we heard someone called Heigan was having a Disco!