Thursday, 12 March 2009

A need for achievement....

What a fun night of heroics! While not everyone really loves achievements, no-one can argues that they have made heroics a lot more fun - with the added bonus of getting a proto-drake when they are all complete!

Last night a crack unit of AMOV guildies went after some achievements.


Valilor - Hunter DPS
Tommytank - Warrior Tank
Heloko - Paladin Healer
Succi - Feral Druid - DPS
Rosencrantz - Mage DPS
Deepcreepy - Rogue DPS

and the non-AMOV :

Deltares - Noob Rogue DPS

Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom (Heroic)

I just logged in and checked who was online in the guild - including me there were 5 of us, 1 tank, 1 healer and 3 DPS...the scene was set. Unfortunately one person couldn't join in so we had to enter LFG for a random and up came "Deltares" - at the time a person on Heloko's Friends list as "good DPS" (emphasis on "at the time").

We decided to hit the Old Kingdom as there's lots of achievements to be had there so off we went. First up was the respect your elders achievement. Here we have to kill the boss Elder Nadox without killing his guardians. The challenge is managing the adds and keeping them a distance from the boss as the guardians make the boss immune.

On our first attempt we couldn't keep the boss from getting immune and the healer died and we wiped. Not surprising really, it was our first attempt and it was a bit fiddly. Attempt two is when the fun happened. We went in, started doing better on the boss but as soon as a guardian spawned, Deltares - the random rogue - killed it, making us fail the achievement. When asked why, he said "I don't have the time or the gold for the wipes". Nice. A little more lip came in the form of "I was the only survivor" - which not only invalidates his gold excuse but was also incorrect as I too had survived. To cut a long story short, we killed the boss, failed the achievement and booted him from the group.

Leaving just Tommy Tank, Heloko, Succi and I we ventured on, which was pretty handy actually as the 4 man achievement The Party's Over was up next. We did this one on our first attempt, it wasn't too tricky, you just need decent burst damage for one person gets sucked (sorry, don't know how else to describe it!). After this boss Rosencrantz joined us bringing us back to 5 men. Big improvement over that Rogue, that's for sure!

Next up was the difficult Volunteer Work achievement. The boss here summons one of her volunteers and sacrifices them to give her a buff. Usually you'd just kill the volunteer but the achievement is to not kill any. On our first two attempts we wiped. When buffed she hits very hard with an AoE attack which can kill the tank and also any other Melee DPS around (Succi). She also puts a circle on the ground which we all have to keep out of. When we succeeded, the tactic was to disarm her reducing her damage (Tommytank did it on her first buff, I used Scorpid Sting with Chimera Shot on her subsequent buff) and to avoid her AoE damage/circle. Done.

The final boss was a 2 min time challenge for Volazj's Quick Demise - we didn't have any tactics here, we just went for it as quick as possible...which was too slow. 2:51 was our time. Not too much of a problem though as we just have 2 achievements to come back for!

Nexus (Heroic)

I had 2 achievement to do here before I finally had no need ever to return to Nexus so off we went.

Split Personality was the first achievement up, not too difficult if you can control your damage. Our tactic was to take one image down to 5k health then move on to the next, then the next and then to AoE them to zero. Our first attempt didn't go to plan, one of the images seemed to give up the will to live a bit too easily so we all ran out of the boss room and it reset. Attempt 2 was a complete success. 1 down 1 to go.

Chaos Theory requires you not to kill any rifts, which means to survive the tank needs to take all the damage from the rifts and everyone else stay a safe distance behind - killing adds, and the whole fight has everyone back peddling down the plateaus. This was pretty difficult - we did it on our first attempt but only just - we wiped but with Rosencrantz dying breath he killed Anomalus - getting us all the achievement. Sweet!

Just before the last boss I thought I'd have some fun with Tommytank as he played around with his UI.

/p Tommytank: "blah blah blah UI etc"
/p Heloko: "yak yak yak etc"
/w to Heloko: "Psst, shall I have some MD fun with Tom?"
/w from Heloko: "LOL, yeah go for it!"
/p Tommytank: "blah blah blah more UI stuff etc"

*Valilor sneaks off round a corner and spots a mob*
*Valilor presses the MD macro button (casts on tank)*
*Valilor shoots mob and then stands still*

/p Heloko: "Yeah that should fix your UI and LOOK BEHIND YOU!!"

The mob was pretty easy but it was fun none the less. It was just a shame there was only one around ;) We then went on to kill the 2 boss'. Tommytank also got the intense cold achievement and I now had no need to ever return here!

A quick note on this for any other non-BM hunters out there. There's no way we can do this on our own, you'll get trapped 3 times on this boss and unless you have any method of getting out of it (pots, PvP trinkets, Human racial etc) it's impossible. The two ways of doing this is to either get someone to heop you out (Heloko did this for me with Hand of freedom) or to no join in the fight!

Violet Hold (Heroic)

His name might be vegetable he's not food!

Here I was after the Void Dance achievement and Succi was after the Dehydration achievement but it's a lottery for which boss will turn up. Unfortunately neither one we wanted did turn up so we just did a standard clear....or so I thought. There was one other achievement AMOV would get.

No skin off my back....

I'm pretty much invincible these days, well AMOV must think so as they went for the "Kill Valilor Achievement." This achievement is possible with the Moragg boss - when he puts the Ray of Suffering on Valilor everyone nukes the boss. Ouch. I died unsurprisingly as the healer somehow forgot to heal me too! LOL. I probably deserved it for all the "Misdirection fun" I had in the past ;)

It was getting late and Rosencrantz logged out here and in came Deepcreepy.

Utgarde Keep (Heroic)

Initially we just entered this dungeon for the first boss and the On The Rocks achievement. Pretty straight forward here, we had Succi to Off-heal should Heloko get frozen or to Off-tank should Tommytank get frozen so no problems there. Achievement unlocked. Not a lot else to report here, pretty straightforward clear - my DPS was over 3.5k on the last 2 boss - that's a new record for me in Heroics :D


So a pretty successful night! Only 7 heroics I need to go to now for achievements, so hopefully they'll be over soon. My main concern is with the Oculus as no-one really enjoys running that heroic and to do all the achievements it will require it to be run at least 3 times...


Dinged 450! I don't even want to think about how much that has cost me - I've never sold any items i can DE since I started learning enchanting back at level 1o (probably) - I could be rich beyond my wildest dreams if I didn't!!

Coming up soon....

Friday: My mysterious egg hatches!

Sunday: AMOV's first Raid (Naxx 10)

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