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Since my last blog, I've done a few more heroics - no drops gained but I finally did the Utgarde Pinnacle achievements with the help of guild runs. Things are so much better and easier that way!

Yesterday though, I joined a PuG for my first "whole" Naxx 10 run - what happened? Here's the lowdown.....

Naxxramas 10-man

I was just doing a cooking daily in Dalaran, looking for some mushrooms in the sewers (Don't worry, I didn't have to eat it) when I saw "LF1M Ranged DPS Last Spot Naxx 10. Full run." "Oooh oooh oooh" I thought, luckily I didn't type it in trade so I calmed down and quickly asked for an invite - all cool like I wasn't bothered if I got in or not.

Crap I thought - I bet they were checking that I wasn't MM but I thought there's no point lying "MM".
Silence for a min....
"AP and Crit self buffed?"
"4400 AP, 29% crit"
.... The invite came.

So off I went to Naxx, not the first time I'd been there but it was the first time I was in a PuG which intended on a full clear, usually it's just a quarter or two so I was quite excited to finally kill some boss' that I hadn't seen before and hopefully get some good loot (I haven't had single drop in ages).

Arachnid Quarter

Like most runs we started here - the easiest quarter. Unlike other raids, the pace was relentless - no stopping for MBs until the boss, pulling multiple groups at the same time and burning them all down - crazy stuff. I can only guess that the tank and healer(s) were very well geared and competent. With no replenishment this wasn't a MM hunter friendly strat as Aspect of the Viper had to come out a bit too much!

- Why I like Volley

Anyway, not a lot to say here - Killed Anub'Rekhan with minimal fuss - I even got top DPS in this fight - and 4th on the Grand Widow Faerlina and then came Maexxna. This was the first boss of the run where I had to do something special - take care of people getting cocooned, which I volunteered for as I'd done it before even at the cost of DPS - I could at least leave Dave attacking the boss with his MASSIVE(ly small) DPS. Maexxna died and the Wraith Spear dropped - I rolled need one else rolled. Sweet. Is it an upgrade from the Runeblade? I don't know but it certainly looks better! And it's also purple :) On to the next wing!

Construct Quarter

Home of Patchwork, aka DPS test. If you don't know, Patchwork is a boss who only damaged the melee classes and you have to kill him ASAP before he enrages - so the ranged DPS have to hit him hard and he has a lot of health! With no replenishment I burnt through my mana real quick so had to spend a fair time in Aspect of the Viper which reduces my DPS but not a lot I can do about it. I think I might consider respeccing my talents at soon to get some better mana efficiency.

I came 2nd on Patchwork - not bad if I do say so myself with 2637 DPS, respectable considering the use of AoV and even Dave put in a good performance with 17% of my DPS! Usually it's around 12%, good boy!

Next up was Grobbulus which unfortunately I spent most of the time face down for - the debuff hits harder than you realise and I think the healer's didn't pay me enough attention :( Oh well, Grobbulus died and on we went to Gluth.

Last time I was here my job was to kite the adds, not good for my DPS score but someone has to do it and I quite enjoy it. A mage was given the job as they are meant to be better at it and I also aided him with some frost traps. Things didn't quite go to plan though, the mage died and I had to quickly switch to kiting mode - it got a bit close at one point but some distracting and multi shots kept them from Gluth long enough for him to be killed. Victory! On to Thaddius.

The thaddius fight is one of my faves here as you have to split into 2 groups and kill 2 mini boss' at the same time before facing Thaddius, which again isn't good for MM hunters and their mana. Oh well, we went in, killed the boss' at exactly the same time and then on to Thaddius. Some people died and then Thaddius bugged - he was evading everything so we all had to kill ourselves and go back in. Lame. Second time was clean - he died without too much fuss. Not a good boss for me, too much running from side to side with the charges and with all his health it takes a lot of mana. I came last out of the DPS here (6th) but it was OK, he had died.

Even better news was that he dropped the Arc-Scorched Helmet, which I needed on with no competition again! I could get used to this.....

Military Quarter

Before this run, I had killed all the boss' up to Sapp in Naxx apart from the 2 bosses in the military quarter before the 4 horsemen (I assume the 1 woman doesn't mind their name) so I was keen to get this done.

First up was Instructor Razuvious. To be honest, I had no idea what was really going on in this fight, some people had to take control of some mobs with a mind control device to fight him while the rest of us nuked the boss. It went ok and I grabbed top DPS!

Next was Gothik the Harvester who I thought was pretty easy. Again it was a boss where you had to split into 2 groups - one on the undead side, one on the not-undead side. Some mobs spawn in the living side, group 1 kills them and you can see their spirit float over to the undead side where they rise again (for another beating, they're mad for it). This goes back and forth for a while until the main boss comes in - he attacks the living side group, realises it's no challenge and teleports to the undead side group, where he realises they're too tough and then the door separating both groups opens and we all take him out (I was on the undead side btw ;) ).

The four horsemen is a difficult one. If you read this blog you'll know that last time I took the back of the room - this time it was the front. The front has an equal amount of running around as you keep with the tank and attack whichever horsemen he chases down. Out first attempt was a wipe, a lack of co-ordination cost us 1 min 49 in. The second attempt was much better - we got 'em!

Out of the chest drops the Pauldrons of Havok. What's that? No-one else rolling against me again? Sweet. Just one quarter to go...

Plague Quarter

I've done this one quite a lot now and there's not much to say here other than it was the first time I've done Heigan the unclean without dying! Not only that - no-one else died either so I got the achievement the Safety Dance. It was just like watching Strictly come dancing (but with more DPS)! Luckily your pet dying doesn't count :)

- I got mad critz


-Even with a tasty meal on show, Sapp did not want to be tamed

The penultimate boss in Naxx. Just as we went in to the fight, one of the DPS' went AFK so we attempted to 9 man it. The boss fight is quite easyish from my perspective - Nuke and when he flies up, hide behind an ice cube to avoid his massive damage blast (not actual name - it's Frost breath) - rinse and repeat. He has an enrage of 15 mins but our wipes were less than 10mins Sapphiron's Demise

Usually my guild mates reply to any achievements I have with the usual "U knob, what are you doing that for? Why are you wasting time exploring/fishing" etc...not this time! Only GZ's. Sweet. Could be because Asaron wasn't online though, I can't remember!

Top DPS too!

And then came the last boss....


Killing him would mean I've cleared Naxx and would leave only Malygos to go on my hit list...KT must die!

We went in and wiped after 4 mins.

Never mind I thought, we wiped 4 times on the last boss, we'll just try again....WRONG!

/raid chat exploded in a foreign language and a healer left, then a DPS, then a tank....the raid was over..KT lives to see another day, it's not fair!

Not only that but where no-one needed on any Epic, it went to one person to DE for the Abyss crystals and we'd roll for it in the end. Did we roll for it? Did we heck! They got ninja'd.

Some good news

No drops in ages and I get 3 in a row. Pretty good - still no where near my record of 9 in one Kara run but still, good going. Could I get some more that same day? Yes I could.

I've been here before....

Again asking a request in trade chat I saw some people asking for a group to kill some boss' in Naxx - most were already cleared so I joined them. First up was the four horsemen again - I had to do the same thing again but we one shotted it this time. Easy. What dropped? Only the best Crossbow in the game, I now have the Final Voyage!

So what else dropped? How about this: Breastplate of the lost protector Tier 7.5 Hunter chest (I was wearing the Tier 7 one so it's an improvement - you trade it in to get the Valorous Crypstalker Tunic).

/Roll Need...96! Sweet! Surely I can't lose on a 96 again, can I?
Shaman rolls 19...I win!

Loot goes to: [Someone not Valilor]

"Hey, I won the roll how come I didn't get the loot?"
"You already had the last drop" The Leader replied
"Shut up and don't be such a Greedy F**ker" - a raid assistant and guild mate to the leader replied.

To be honest, I didn't mind not getting it - 4 drops is enough for me and I like to think I'm a fair person. What I won't tolerate is people swearing like that though - I immediately quit the raid. Sadly it was probably no sweat for them, DPS are easy to come by but hey, what can you do?

It's just a shame I can't remember his name to name & shame here...but oh well, 4 DROPS! WOOT!

- Is it a crossbow or is it a sea faring vessel?


I saw this in Dalaran Sewers, it appears a rat is talking to 4 turtles - TMNT anyone?

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles & Splinter
The Original 5 man Heroic?

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