Friday, 27 March 2009

Mini Update

After a few unproductive days in WoW, yesterday was just the remedy!

Azjol-Nerub (Heroic)

Heloko, Ultradeath and myself went to AN chasing the 2 achievements which had so far eluded us; Watch Him Die and Hadronox Denied. Watch him die is probably one of the hardest to get and it was also first up. Here you have to kill the boss without killing any of the watchers.

Our first attempt was for me to try and kite all the mobs out of the boss room, up towards the entrance while everyone else nukes the boss ASAP. We gave this a try but I failed to kite them all up, some stayed behind and the group wiped. Ouch.

Our second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth attempt we tried another tactic, which eventually paid off. We pulled each group, one at a time, and killed the warriors/shadowcasters/skirmishers but left the watcher..the tank then picked these up and also the boss and we nuked him ASAP. This tactic needs a bit of luck and some good gear - anyone that gets webbed needs to be freed immediately and it's a touch task on the healer. Using Tranq shot on the the watcher gashra which enrages is pretty handy, I made a macro which auto targets it so I could fire it as soon as it was off Cooldown. We managed it on attempt six - we killed the boss and then wiped...but it was worth it!

The next achievement, Hadronox Denied, was a breeze compared to the last one. Using an exploit, I aggro'd the first group and FD'd, this reset the encounter so we could all run downstairs and take the boss down before any adds came. Easy.

- What happens when you don't take Succi

AN is now completely cleared! 2 more achievements down 14 to go :D

Obsidian Sanctum (25 Man)

After the successful AN run, the 3 of us joined a PuG to OS25.

Raid Leader: "Only 1 rule here: No Loot if you get hit by the magma wave."

Pretty hard rule but I've done this before without gettig hit so it wasn't impossible. A little worrying about what the PuG might be like though, when a RL comes out with rules like that in a PuG I usually assume the worst. That and his use of swearing didn't sit right.

Anyway, off we went, clearing the drakes from left to right and then onto Sarth. With the rule still fresh in my head I focused on not getting hit - which was probably to the expense of my DPS slightly but we killed him on our first attempt; I got to roll!

The usual non-hunter drops where there and then woah, the Fury of Five Flights was there! I rolled an 89.....and I won! The Leader took a while to respond and then said "I'll see if you got hit" (His mod recorded who did) but I was ok. He then said he wasn't sure because I had "Noob DPS"...WTF? I came 4th with 3.2k which is pretty good in my opinion, especially for hunters as this isn't a hunter friendly fight (How big is Sarth's hit box?? Really?!?!) anyway, after some umming and aaaahhing I got it, sweet! My first drop in some time :D

The drama didn't end there though - Heloko called the RL a pr*ck, which was more than fair enough and the RL even agreed that it was true. Heloko then rolled for the Wyrmrest band and lost the roll but the RL gave it to him anyway!

I'm not sure what the lesson here is, maybe it's to call the RL a Pr*ck when you're in a PuG to get more loots! XD

Obsidian Sanctum (10 Man)

I had arranged an AMOV run at OS10 at 9:30pm and 6 of us were ready so we had to call in 4 randoms to fill the gaps. Present were:

Asaron (DK Tank)
Succi (OT Feral Druid)
Heloko (Healer Paladin)
Valilor (DPS Hunter)
Ultradeath (DPS DK)
Gloam (DPS Paladin)

We filled in another 2 healers (Oddybody & Chemic) and one other DPS (Can't remember who) and off we went.

Again clearing left to right, we stayed out of the 1st portal and entered into the third, with Asaron and Heloko staying outside in all 3. Being Asaron's first time to OS, he never got to go inside a portal so he missed out on seeing all the naked women mud-wrestling....unlucky Asaron, maybe next time ;)

- Next time Asaron

There was a good DPS race going on, Gloam, Ultradeath and I were keeping up all the way around, I pulled ahead after every drake fight but on the trash Gloam and Ultradeath closed the gap...pretty tense stuff! I was probably only 5k ahead in total damage before Sarth but I managed to steal top DPS spot in the end....better luck next time Gloam/Ultradeath, MWA HA HA!

So the first AMOV OS10 run was a complete success! We'll start farming this short raid weekly now and as it was such a breeze, we'll try Sarth +1 Drake next time!

Some random bits

- Pirates vs Ninjas

- AMOV about to get stoned

- Fun with a Paladin almost goes wrong

- Strange bug if I press jump at the same time as mounting up

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