Wednesday, 15 April 2009

AMOV Special: Naxx Conclusions

DPS Progression

After a successful raid run, it's good to look back on how you've performed and how you've improved, as in a PvE progression guild, this is what it's all about.

I've taken everyone's DPS from the downed boss' we had on both runs and compared them to see how, if at all, we've improved on DPS. In run 2 we were missing our mana battery Gloam, the Ret Paladin, which obviously has an impact on any mana using classes *cough*ME*cough* and we were also without any flasks which we had used on the first run. On the other hand, some people may have picked up better armour and also would have more experience which can help increase DPS efficiency so it's a case of swings and roundabouts.

Overall we were slightly up on average on the boss' but this was mainly down to Heloko (Holy Paladin) going to what he likes to call "DPS Mode" ;) If I just take the average across all the boss of the 3 main DPS people above (Ultra, Rose and Myself) we are on average up by 7 DPS - so pretty consistent. This shows that everyone is both getting better and getting better gear as keeping it consistent without replenishment/flasks is pretty good going!

Most boss fights can be pretty random affairs, people have to move around, CC adds, feign death...etc so comparing different runs is quite difficult. One boss does stand out for a DPS test though and that's patchwerk. Looking at the table above my DPS dropped by a massive 500DPS! My rotation/talents/pet haven't changed, I have a sligtly improved trinket but missing Replenishment and the Flask of Endless Rage obviously makes a huge impact!

Luckily though Ultradeath almost made up the whole of my slack, rising by 496 DPS. The lack of replenishment wouldn't have made much difference to him but this gear/skill must have increased a lot more than the value of a flask!

Just looking at the 3 DPS above for Patchwerk, we were down by only 41 DPS on average between us, or 124 for the raid - not very much really. I'm also definitely NOT going to mention Heloko's 337DPS increase way! :p

I excluded Cumulonimbus (who changed name to Xeus) from this table as attempt 1 he was a resto shaman and attempt 2 he was a enhansement shaman, so it wouldn't be a fiar comparison. Deadcreepy was much improved on the 2 boss' he cleared both times, especially Razuvious where it was a 537DPS increase, nice!


Before going to Naxx, I researched the loot tables and made a "wish list"of some side-grades and some up-grades - how did I do for the upgrades? Let's see:

Heroes' Cryptstalker Spaulders - HIT

Cloak of Darkening - MISS

Key to the Focusing Iris - HIT

Sealing Ring of Grobbulus - MISS

Cloak of Mastery - MISS

Gem of Imprisoned Vassals - MISS

Heroes' Cryptstalker Headpiece - MISS*

*It did drop but I didn't roll for it, I got an upgrade from OS25, the Hyaline Helm of the Sniper

So for loot, not bad, not great! 2 out of 7 could have been a lot worse really.

And there ends the Naxx Special. I'm sure AMOV will go on to clear this out a few times but with EoE and Ulduar to go, there's plenty of us to be getting on with!


  1. lol my dps rocks! - heloko

  2. The argent tournament grounds are supposed to be a work in progress too. I dread to think what we'll be looking at when 3.2 hits :o