Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Another bank goes under....

In todays tough economic climate, many banks have gone under and Valilor's bank(er) is no different! I had to delete Lloydstsb, a Lv1 rogue to make room for a warrior for "Project Alt." I now have one of each class and you can keep tabs on how they're doing on the right side bar.

- So long Lloydstsb, you've served me well ;(

- Hello Valessra, current favourite from Project Alt
Friday Saturday's Yolk

Looks like I have some Green-Proto drake competition now, 2 sneaky AMOV members have joined in on my party! I'll add them to these updates but I'm going to be so annoyed if they get one before me! GRRRRRR

This week I got another Cobra Hatchling, sigh. I stuck it on the AH for 25g and I'll see if it sell. Better than a kick in the teeth I guess, hopefully better luck next week!


Week 1: Aged yolk (30%) / Nothing / Nothing
Week 2: Cobra Hatchling (19%) / Nothing / Nothing
Week 3: White Tickbird Hatchling (20%) / Nothing / Aged yolk (30%)
Week 4: Cobra Hatchling (19%) / Tick Bird Hatchling (21%) / Aged yolk (30%)

Another helmet to polish?

No, not more Son's of Hodir dailies or anything else for that matter - I have a new helm! I joined a 25 man Sarth PuG and the Hyaline Helm of the Sniper fell and I won the roll! Sweet.

With a pretty useless socket bonus, I skipped it and put in a Bright Scarlet Ruby and the hunter's fave Relentless Earthsiege Diamond meta gem.

Coming up...

Next part of my hunter guide plus AMOV return to Naxx! Will we kill Grobbulus? Will we kill the 4 Horsemen? Will we clear Naxx? Find out soon!

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