Thursday, 19 March 2009

AMOV Special: Naxxramas: The Plague Quarter

After clearing all 3 boss' in the Anarchid quarter, AMOV rolled on to the next quarter - the plague quarter. Unlike the Anarchid quarter, the plague quarter actually has a drop I need - the T7 shoulders (see previous post) , which drop from Loatheb. Did I get it? Find out below! Here's the Day 1 WWS Report

Noth the Plaguebringer

After clearing out the trash without much hassle we found ourselves at the first boss of the plague quarter, Noth the plague bringer. Noth has this title as he can inflict a plague on some players, which if not decursed will spread and wipe the raid. Along with this ability, Noth can summon skeleton adds and at 3 points in the encounter he will teleport to a balcony and let the raid fight lots of mobs, which need to be picked up by the tanks and OTs.

Pretty straight-forward fight, we finished him in 6 mins 40 secs and as the nature of the fight has noth teleporting in/out and summoning adds, it's not a great one for Marksman Hunters and their mana, I went out of mana a few times and had to switch to the Aspect of the Viper. The report for the boss is here: WWS Noth the Plaguebringer

If you look at the below, in this fight I had to use Aspect of the Viper for 20% of time. Using that ability reduces your damage by 50% so I effectively had to nerf my DPS by 10% in this fight...and that's with both judgement of wisdom and replenishment - I need to figure out what happens in 25 man raids that can stop me from running out of mana....and copy it!

Aspect of the beast? lol

Tishoo, tishoo, all fall down....

Heigan the unclean is infamous for wiping raids that don't know the "dance". AMOV aren't one to turn a good old dance down though and we are most certainly not affaid to bust a off we went to face DJ Heigan in an epic battle for the dancefloor!

Heigan's has 2 phases and different abilities in Naxx10. In Phase 1 (The Slow Dance) the ranged DPS/healers have to run up to the platform and shoot pew pew heigan while the tank and melee DPS follow him round and perform the dance. The waves hit every 10 seconds and Hiegan can also silence all casters within 20 yards so the tank has to keep him a safe distance from the platform. After 90 seconds of slow dancing, Heigan presumably gets bored and begins Phase 2, the fast dance. In this phase Heigan goes back to the platform and EVERYONE has to get to the dancefloor, just as if Fatboy Slim just got on the decks. Valilor hates DJs. Phase 2 everyone has to do the dance, ranged can keep shooting if they can but the important thing here is survival - each wave happens every 2-3 seconds instead of 10 so you're constantly moving around. After 45 seconds of this Phase 1 starts again.

This item won't help you on Heigan unfortunately.

So how did AMOV fair? Well not everyone had been here before so I was expecting the worst. In phase one 2 melee DPS died and in phase 2 nearly the whole raid was finished...a few survived but by the time phase 2 came around again I found myself the last man standing, just like at the end of a night when everyone's coupled up....So only one thing for it, Solo Heigan!

/R "I'm going to have him, CHARRRRGGEEE!"

/R "Lol, go on, solo him"

*I get hit pretty hard*

/R "Ouch!"

*I run towards the exit*

*next hit comes*

*I die*

/R "LOL, you suck!"

*I press jump*

/R "Huzzah, I survived!" Feign Death is great :D

Ok, I didn't actually say Huzzah but some word to that effect. Here's the proof of my survival!:

For attempt two, I got everyone to watch me as I did the "dance" before we pulled Heigan (bad thought: Imagine pulling heigan in a club, eewww) and I had a big star on my head for people to wasn't enough though, we wiped again after 7 mins 21. The problem this time was that we didn't all die in the dance, there was just not enough DPS left by the end that we couldn't kill him quick enough so we started to get mana issues and also running the risk of hitting the waves each time.

Sign of a good party? Everyone on the floor....

Attempt 3 = Success!

After an epic 9 mins 57 and down to 4 men standing (Valilor, Ultradeath, Asaron and Heloko), we defeated Heigan and won the dancefloor! WWS Heigan the unclean

So after a hectic party, we clearly had enough dancing...time for some magic mushrooms..

Drugs are bad, M'kay?

So on we went to the final boss of the plague quarter, Loatheb. Loatheb is an interesting fight as there's 2 key things to look out for: Spores and the Necrotic Aura.

The DPS need to run to a spore (they can't be aggro'd) and kill them when theres at least 5 people within a 10 year range of it. The 5 people will get a +50% Crit buff plus will not cause any threat from their moves, which last 2 mins, so it's important to get this on the top DPS. A spore is summoned every 30 seconds so it's possible to get all DPS buffed up.

The Necrotic Aura makes the fight interesting for healers as it creates 20 second cycles, 17 seconds where they can't heal and 3 seconds where they can, so it's a mad scramble in those 3 seconds to keep everyone topped up.

Loatheb also casts inevitable doom which causes nature damage and after 7 mins he enrages and casts this ability more frequently, so it's a DPS race to kill him as quick as possible before the damage becomes unhealable which is why you'll need all the crit you can get...his HP is 6.69 million!

Here's a breakdown of the fight:

1min-5min: Uneventful


Cumulonimbus dies


Rosencrantz dies


Gloam: "Don't heal me, i'll use Lay on hands"
*Gloam presses wrong button*

Gloam has died


Mynnx has died
Loatheb has died

Loatheb looks a bit like a reto druid, maybe he had a spiritual bond with Mynnx the resto druid?

Report is here: WWS Loatheb

Over 4k DPS? Lots of Crit Buff!

Did the T7 Hunter shoulders drop? NO! So 2 quarters down, nothing rolled on....on to the construct Quarter!

Our next task....



  1. HELOKO - I DO judge wisdom u moron! it aint effective on trash really cos u kill them too quick but it is ALWAYS i mean ALWAYS up on boos fights because it gives me 15% haste!

  2. True and that is a lot of haste! I've edited the blog to correct it.


    Heal my pet.