Monday, 30 March 2009

Sunny Side Up

Friday'sSaturday's Yolk - Week 3

I was busy on Friday so I couldn't log in to check on my egg until a day later, so "The Friday Yolk" now becomes the "Saturday Yolk"

Anyway, I'm sure you're just busting to find out what this weeks Mysterious Egg was, and it was a.......White Tickbird Hatchling.

Getting closer?

Week 1: Aged yolk (30%)
Week 2: Cobra Hatchling (19%)
Week 3: White Tickbird Hatchling (20%)
(% is the drop rate)

Heloko pointed out to me that you can buy the mysterious egg once you're revered with the oracles - I thought it was exhalted so I didn't visit the Quartermaster until I was exhalted which means I've missed out on 2 eggs/weeks! (21000 rep @ 1700 per day).

A side project

When I want to play WoW and Valilor hasn't got any raids, heroics, dailies or things to farm there's not a lot to I've decided to level an alt! Which class to choose? There's quite a few, all very different from hunters so I've decided to level one of each class to level 20 (Apart from DK obviously)! I wonder which I'll prefer? As of level 5, my money is on Shaman.

- Valilor's alt training program was immense

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