Saturday, 21 March 2009

Not aged

Friday's Yolk - Week 2

This week my Mysterious Egg didn't turn into a aged yolk, it turned into a........Cobra Hatchling.
Better than an aged yolk but still not a Green Proto-Drake, lets see what happens next week!

Week 1: Aged yolk
Week 2: Cobra Hatchling

Easy Achievement
Achievement: Critter Gitter

While waiting around Naxx I noticed that just inside, before you get to any mobs, a lot of critters (maggots, rats and spiders) are around the place, so I decided to bring 10x Critter Bites next time I went. On Day 2 of the AMOV Naxx run I gave it a try and it was easy, I doubt I was anywhere near the 3 min time. As you don't need to clear any mobs to do this, anyone can get this here, you just need to be in a raid group and level 80.

Improving Succi

As you might have seen me mention in the previous Naxx postings, our Feral Druid, Succi, gets a lot of connectivity issues. I had a cunning plan to get around it but from the picture below you can see that it wouldn't work!

And finally.....

Rumors of me looking for a different guild are completely untrue.

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