Tuesday, 7 April 2009

New Guildie!

Drak'Tharon Keep (Heroic)

- Better off dead more like

4 AMOV guildies (Ultradeath , Valilor, Heloko & Rosentrantz - in height order) were online and looking to do some more heroic achievements. DTK looked like the next best bet (putting off Oculus as long as possible!) so off we went, we were just lacking 1 vital thing...a Tank!

I entered LFG, and asked for any tanks looking for an achievement run in / LFG, /trade and /general (I was in Dalaran) and nothing...until a whisper came in from Nynth. He said that he'd give it a go, was def capped but was also in a lot of blues/Lv70 epics and hadn't been there before - but being the gung-ho, equal opportunity people that we are, we gave him a chance.

First up in DTK was Consumption Junction. Here you have to tank Trollgore in a corner of the room so everyone is out of Line of sight when he does his Consume spell. Everyone caught in LoS when he does this grants him 1 stack of his consumption buff (including adds) - the achievement is to kill him before this gets to 10. The add were very weak, around 2k HP - easily controllable by 1 person but unfortunately we got the positioning wrong and he died with 17 stacks. D'oh! Looks like we'll be coming back...

Next up was Better of Dred. Here you have to kill 6 raptors with King Dred still active. We were a little worried about the warriors survivablity as King Dred hit's hard but Nynth had some pretty good skills and we managed to one-shot this achievement. Great! We were very impressed with his skills generally so we asked him if he wanted to join us, which he did, so it was win - win!

I guess the lesson to be learnt here is that undergeared people should be given a chance (unless there is some gear check somewhere) - especially people with high iLevel Lv70 gear, they obviously needed some skill to get that back in TBC so they obviously know what they're doing!

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