Monday, 27 April 2009

Big Update! (it's been 2 weeks)

Well it's been 2 weeks(ish) since my last update so what's been going on in Valilor's world?

Friday's Saturday's Sunday's Yolk

Any Proto-Drakes in AMOV yet? See below....


Week 1: Aged yolk (30%) / Nothing / Nothing
Week 2: Cobra Hatchling (19%) / Nothing / Nothing
Week 3: White Tickbird Hatchling (20%) / Nothing / Aged yolk (30%)
Week 4: Cobra Hatchling (19%) / Tick Bird Hatchling (21%) / Aged yolk (30%)
Week 5:  White Tickbird Hatchling (20% /Proto-Drake Whelp (8%) / ? (?%)
Week 6:  White Tickbird Hatchling (20% / Proto-Drake Whelp (8%) / ? (?%)

So 6 weeks in and I'm no closer..sigh. 

Naxx - DPS - Ramas

Volley's damage was nerfed by 30% shortly after Wotlk came out, in patch 3.0.8 I think. Sadly I never got to Naxx before the nerf so I can only imagine how OP it must have been as if you check this short clip below, in moderate gear it causes LOADS of damage on trash!

You'll need to watch it on HQ mode and if anyone was wondering, I died about 2 seconds after that video ended! (I was just trying to get a good angle and lots of targets for the clip)

Could I be any more exalted?

Did you just read that in a Chandler from friends voice in your head? Just wondering...

Anyway...I finally reached exalted which takes me to exalted with all the Wrath factions (minus the frenzy hearts) - at least before 3.1. What did I get for it? An epic fishing rod! The Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole. Whoop whoop. Guess what? I can't use it! You need to have fishing level 300 to use it and mine is less than 200 at the moment. D'oh!

Duel Spec

With 3.1 out everyone can dual spec, which is pretty cool. I thought I'd try out some different things, so I kept my main spec as PvE MM and went PvE Tank as my offspec.....

- HP Sauce

Ok, that's not strictly true - my beefed up HP is from being outnumbered in Wintergrasp. Had you there for a second, right? I actually tested out PvE Surv spec for a little while and while having replenishment is nice, it wasn't a big jump up in DPS from MM, if any at all, as MM got a nice boost (but more on that at a later date) so I'll be sticking as a MM hunter. I've made my dual spec PvP MM, so for the first time ever, everyone's favorite MM hunter is going to take on the world (of warcraft) in Arena!! 

If you've checked my armoury before, you'll probably have noticed that I'm not particularly good at PvP but we'll see how things go this time. So far in 2v2 it's played 23, won 11 lost 12. Not too bad (also, best arena team name ever!).

One in One out

One of my last postings I mentioned how we got a new guildie - well sadly he left. Our late Sunday night raiding time wasn't ideal for him, which is fair enough and I wish him well wherever he ends up. 

One week later and we have a new guildie - A Ret Paladin by the name of NVision. I've done a few heroics with him in the past so keep an eye out for him in future postings/reports!

Valilor of Darnassus

I'm a fan of this place. The vehicle mechanic is quite fun, the dailies are quick and easy (and can be done in one circle from Icecrown > Crystalsong > Dragonblight/Grizzly Hills > Storm Peaks and back) and there's loads of gold to be made, especially when you get to the champion level!

I've been doing these Qs a bit on/off but last night I got my second title:

-Valilor of Darnassus

Sweet. I'll probably do the same for all of the other factions as it's a great source of gold but I don't think I'd use any of their titles - clearly for a Night Elf Hunter, "Of Darnassus" is the best of the bunch.

I think I've pretty much got the horse combat mechanic down too, I haven't lost against an NPC in ages, whether it be a valiant, champion or even Black Night. I even went and beat all of the factions for fun in about 10 mins!

And one other thing I'd like to add about the Argent Tournament is it's design from above. We've put up with those dodgy named dailies from the Sons of Hodir but now this?

- It's been argued for some time now which faction is the b*llocks but this settles it: It's both! The Alliance are the right and the Horde is the left :p

Vault of Emalon

The VoA raid has suddenly become a lot harder with the introduction of the new boss: Emalon. In the first week of 3.1 I entered VoA10 with a PuG, killed Archavon (I now can hit 4.4k DPS!) and then went on to Emalon. No-one had read any tactics or anything and the time was running out - we had 10 mins before the next Wintergrasp battle started so we rushed him....and wiped in about 2 seconds. I was then saved to the raid and unable to get another chance of some Emalon loot!

The second week went much better, I went in and the group started with Emalon (Note: Everyone should do this!). If Emalon dies, Woot, you can get some T8 loot. If you fail, no worries - you're not saved! You can always kill Archavon afterwards, it's miles easier in comparison. After about 3 attempts we got him, some T8 loot dropped and everyone was happy - I think it was every ones first Emalon kill in the group and when the screen fills up with achievements it's a satisfying moment! No hunter drops but I wasn't expecting any - I've only ever seen 1 hunter item drop in all the 10/25 man raids I've been to in VoA and I didn't win the roll either.

- Emalon "Don't call me Emma" The Storm Watcher


When 3.1 launched, the top 0.5% of Arena players in their battle group got their reward, the very cool Frostwyrm Mount.  I downloaded and installed the patch the day it came out, popped to Dalaran and what do I see? The Frostwyrm mount! 

No, it wasn't mine (they don't also give it to the bottom 0.5% sadly) but it was another players. Horde unfortunately but he declined my offer of a duel. Probably for the best really, I wouldn't want to embarrass him ;)

Another cool mount I saw around was a Spectral Tiger.

I hadn't seen one of these since I was on the Burning Legion server (months ago now) but up popped one in Dalaran. I asked the rider how he acquired it and he said it was from the first pack of WoW cards! That's so lucky! If that happened to me, I'd probably sell it on Ebay - they are worth around £700 which is probably more useful than a cool looking mount which can't fly.

Not really a mount but in a recent Naxx PuG I saw a Spirit Beast! That's also very rare, I think i've seen about 2 of them around since Wrath came out so it was good to see it in action. I took a screen shot (see below) the spirit beast is on the left (not the Feast!).

Aggro My Own Vegetables are....

...Famous! We got a mention in the wowinsider Guild Watch post for our Naxx 10 clear :) Pretty cool getting some recognition and also very well earned! We'd never have imagined doing anything like that in TBC so we've really stepped up to the plate! Not only that but our guild name got a mention for being cool - both by wowinsider any by another poster (who wasn't one of use before you ask!). Good Times.

Growing the vegetables

So what next for AMOV after clearing Naxx? Our next targets, and topic of my next post will be on the Eye of Eternity and OS10 + 1 Drake. If we can master them, get everyone geared up there is only one possible place next: ULDUAR!

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