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We did it! For the past month, the guild has had one big, blue thorn in their side in the form of
MALYGOS. We spent 3 evenings (I'll spare you the WWS) wiping countless times on him, 90% of the time in phase 3, even though everyone knew what to do. For us, we appointed 2 people to heal (me and one other), the healers would cast HoTs on themselves and then AoE heal while the DPS would go 1,1,2 etc. Anyway, on our forth visit we we one shotted him to the amazement of most the people there! :D

It was anything but uneventful though, we had the MT dying in an earlier phase (He got combat res) and when we did kill Malygos he had reached his enrage timer - when he fell we all died at the same time, if this was Street Fighter it would say "Double KO" - luckily it's not though. So we killed him but we were all do we loot? We ran back into the raid and some of us landed on a drake while some of us fell to our deaths again - eventually I got on the drake and was able to get the loot going :)

We didn't stop there though, oh no. We went to Ulduar and defeated the first 2 bosses! The
Flame Leviathan is the first boss in Ulduar and it's a fun vehicle fight - something we really appreciate after hours of Malygos fighting! After that we went to Razorscale and defeated him too and called it a night be continued on Sunday!

We also went on a mini-recruiting mission last week and now we're full! I think the days of having to find randoms to fill in spots in our 10 man raids are finally behind us :D

Hoard-ing the food

I was walking through Dalaran when I saw this shocking display of wasting food! Think of all the starving people! Farming the mats for those is a right pain too....


Heloko's alt finally reached Level 80, now our main healer has an Arms warrior to play around with too - cool. Leveling to 80 must have taken AGES ;)

Master Fisherman

I finally reached Lv300 in fishing. I haven't been trying to level it up, I've just been trying to get mats for the new Fish Feast I can cook for the guild raids. I find fishing in Wintergrasp for the Glacial Salmon, Sholazar Basin for the Nettlefish and Borean Tundra for the Musselback Sculpin works best and can be done at the same time as the fishing dailies, so it's not too bad I guess. 

A few days ago, Gloam and I went fishing in Wintergrasp while there was a battle on. As usual, lots of people were saying "inv" in the general chat so I invited them to our "fishing raid group" - they didn't stay for long! We also got a Wintergrasp mark when the battle was over just for fishing. Nice. Pacifism FTW!


Over the past 3 weeks i've been dabbling in a bit of Arena. I've got in 2 arena teams, a 2v2 with Tessera (Holy Priest) and a 5v5 with Tommytank (Prot tank), Heloko (Holy Paladin), Tessera (Holy Priest) and Succi (Feral DPS). Obviously I'm a MM Hunter :) . So far the 2v2 team have played 66, won 27, lost 39 (win 41%) - which isn't great but a lot better than I was expecting! The 5v5 team is doing better with played 40, won 18 lost 22 (win 45%).  

I've not got some arena points and some honour but unlike PvE I have no idea what the "optimal" gear is! How much resilience do I need? I guess I'll start to get the feel of it soon...

Here's the spec I'm currently using but i'm not 100% sure it's best, I'm also considering taking points out of Piercing Shots (as it procs from crits, which are less likely in arena than PvE) and putting them elsewhere. Valilor's MM PvP Spec.

I recorded 2 games which just happen to be victories if anyone wants to see what arena is like from Valilor's perspective (Watch in HQ otherwise it looks pants):

Oh and over the course of the 5v5 teams games, I think we found the best healer in the world!

Argent Tournament

If I had to sum it up in a word it would be GOLD. Once you reach champion of a faction, you can do champion Qs and also Valiant Qs (for another faction), and many of them are the same so by doing 1 Q you're really doing 2 and you can cash them both in for around 30-40 gold. Kaaaaching! I haven't been doing this everyday but every now and then when I fancy a bit more gold I just pop on over ;)

If you read my earlier posts, you'll know that I'm a Champion of Darnassus, well now I'm also one of Ironforge but riding their mount looks silly, it's like Peter Crouch driving an old Mini Cooper!

Bronze Drake

The hunt for a Proto-drake goes on but I managed to win a roll at the end of a Timed Culling of Stratholme and now ride a Bronze Drake! At first I wasn't too excited about winning one but after using it, it's so much better than the standard flying mount i've been using for some time - the "Soar" animation is quality. 

Other bits and bobs...

I was running a Naxx25 PUG with 3 other hunters, all of which were survival. Llevellyn however, wasn't using a wolf like the rest, no, she was using a wasp! It looks pretty cool and we were pretty much tying for top DPS (even though I think I had slightly better gear) so it's good going!

I've had a good spell for gear recently, I got the Pyrite Infuser from Ulduar and the Strong-Handed Ring from Naxx25 which made me finally hit-capped without needing any gems or enchants for +hit! That's one less thing for me to worry about (for now) :)

I'm going to re-organise this blog a little, the "Monday Yolk" update will just be moved to the sidebar and not be a new blog update (unless a proto-drake drops of course!)

And finally....

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