Friday, 20 February 2009

Busy Day!

Well yesterday was a busy day, 2 Raid runs and 3 Heroics! Not too shabby. No loot from the raids though and a couple of items which I'm not sure are improvements without testing from Heroics, but more on that later!

Time for some results.

The Obsidian Sanctum (25 Man)

I joined a random PuG here and the whole thing went pretty smoothly, no ninja-ing and only 1 wipe as half the raid decided to ride Sarth's magma wave without a surfboard. Truly put the "Wipe" in "Wipeout". No hunter drops though :(

I came 5th in the DPS - not too bad considering I've not got much raid gear and a better geared survival hunter came in 2nd place - "only" 600 DPS higher than me, lol.

And here's how my stats break down - as you can see, autoshot does the majority of my damage - not very sexy. Also, post hunter-nerf, steadyshot is way down, it used to be just behind Autoshot in damage. Sigh.

Vault of Archavon (25 man)

5th again on the DPS here but the number was higher - 2.7k DPS - possibly because there's less running around/looking out for waves to be done in this battle. 3 Hunters in the raid, I came 3rd out of them and they were all survival and better geared. I'm quite looking forward to being equally geared and then seeing how much of a difference there is between the specs, until then I'm sticking MM. Again no drops but now I have 21 Valor tokes - when I get to 25 I can buy the Ring of Invincibility!

Azjol-Nerub (Heroic)

3 out of the 5 people in the 3 heroics I was in were from our guild "Aggro my own vegetables" and it's definitely more fun being in a guild run than PuGs! Asaron (DK, Tank) and Mynnx (Feral Druid, DPS) were the other 2 guild members and Erot (Paladin, DPS) and Healingsux (Priest, Healer) were randoms, of which we would welcome to our guild! (Note: Erot was also drunk but sobered up as the heroics went on. Been a while since I drunk-WoW'd!)

AN was pretty easy, we wiped once on Hadronox because he bugged (being a spider is no excuse!). However we somehow still got the achievement "Gotta Go" without even trying for it. Previously you had to beat the last boss within 2 mins but as of the last patch it got extended to 4 mins and as none of us are full Naxx geared, I'd imagine this would be pretty easy for most people to do now (We did it in 3 mins 44 secs - see below).

If you look at the reports below, we're in the "Top 50" fights - I guess this is the top 50 uploads to WWS for this heroic which is a bit crazy, as while we were good I don't think we were that good.

It's nice to see the jump up in DPS from Raid boss' to Heroic Bosses and it's also nice to see boss' drop before my mana runs out! MM need more mana!!

Drak'Tharon Keep (Heroic)

The daily Heroic. DTK is pretty easy for Ranged DPS, the only fiddly bit is getting all the adds in Novos the Summoner, but that's not too difficult. Mynnx put in a good performance in the DPS as you'll see below - it looks like any boss which has add's Mynnx does better in with the AoE Swipe move while single boss' with no adds I'll do better in. Either way, a good combination!

We went for an achievement on King Dred - to kill him with all 6 raptors still alive - but we wiped so we scrapped that achievement run! On the last boss the healer also died (stay out of the green poison cloud!) but Mynnx was on the ball and started healing - it was enough to see us through.

And look at the first 2 boss fights, we got top 20 results!

The Violet Hold (Heroic)

Our guild's Heroic of choice - quick and easy to get to! We've wiped here before on previous runs at Zuramat the Obliterator so getting him in the "Boss Lottery" and one-shotting him is a good sign of progress for us! Naxx 10 here we come!

I've been doing this heroic for a while now trying to get the Cloak of Gushing wounds to drop but it never did, so I a got the Ice Striker's cloak made instead for me. I joked that next time we did the Violet Hold the Cloak of Gushing wounds would drop, and guess what? IT DID!

On the Erekem fight look at Erot's DPS - over 4k! That's crazy! Top 20 result again :) I think Erot want's to be in AMOV ;)

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