Wednesday, 25 February 2009

When your luck runs out......

Well last night was interesting, it consisted of 2 heroics and one bit of Naxx 10 - here's how it went (Didn't take any WWS, completely forgot!):

Utgarde Pinnacle (Heroic)

Earlier on in the day we decided to do a UP achievement run as I really want to get a Proto-Drake and I think this is probably the easiest one to get (I'll do a post on Proto-Drakes soon).
The 3 achievements we were aiming for were The Incredible Hulk, Lodi dodi we love the skadi and My girl loves to skadi all the time. I had done some research so we weren't relying on any flukes.

First up was the incredible hulk. Here you have to Force Svala Sorrowgrave to kill a Scourge Hulk. There's 2 in the room and the tactic is to fight one down to 9k HP and then engage the boss - and when she does her sword sacrifice thing, the tank takes the hulk under the sword and takes the blow with it (9k hit) killing the hulk. Should be straight forward?

Attempt 1 - we went in, took the hulk to the right down to 9k HP and went for the boss, it was going ok but the hulk died before the sword hit - either some DoTs, pets or AoE hit him down. Fail. We wiped and tried again.

Attempt 2 - we went for the other hulk at the back of the room and did the same thing again but were a lot more careful with AoE, DoTs and pets. Heloko - our paladin healer - got teleported to the sacrificing place and we were busy trying to get the hulk in place that we forgot the healer couldn't heal untill the 3 witches were killed! Mynnx, the tank, had no choice but to kill the hulk or we'd wipe. Fail. No more hulk left, no more retries today.

The next 2 achievements we went for at the same time. There's a little exploit you can use here to make it a lot easier but we still only managed to get 1 of the 2 achievements. One of them requires you to hit the boss with harpoons 5 times in a single pass and kill him and the other is to finish the encounter within 3 mins. With the exploit this should be fairly easy.

The exploit is to start the encounter, each DPS gather 2 harpoons (total 6, 1 spare) and then run back out of the boss area, resetting the encounter. One person then runs out, triggers it and runs back in, counts to 10 and then everyone runs out. No-one will be there and you can get into position to tank the mobs in the doorway and fire all the harpoons at once.

We did this pretty easily after an initial mess-up counting to 10 (Numbers are hard!) but Mynnx, our Feral DPS Druid who respecced to Tank for this instance, struggled to keep all the mobs tanked, so when the first pass came, we shot him down but some stray mobs killed both me and Rosencrantz (Mage DPS from our guild - AMOV). The rest of the fight went well, Mynnx, Heloko and another Mage (Grapedrink -not from our guild, yuk!) took the boss down but obviously with 2/3 of your DPS dead the time limit wasn't made - still, got the "Kill in single pass" achievement.

Next time we'll get it!

Halls of Lightning (Heroic)

It was about 11:30pm and I was about to log off (Did my daily "chores" - Oracles & cooking dailies) when a new DK DPS in our guild - Ultradeath - asked for a DPS to come to do the HoL. I thought I'd make a good impression of our guild so I helped him out. HoL is the only Heroic where I don't need any drops or achievements. They had already killed the first boss General Bjarngrim so there was only 2 left. It's not like I needed the Tokens either, I had 136 before going into this Heroic!

Anyway, some of the party didn't realise that when you run through the room full of "slags" they explode when killed. The DK tank AoEing the mobs right in their face wasn't the best idea - Wipe. Ultradeath then logged off in protest and I was left in a PuG full of strangers doing a Heroic I didn't need anything from. /sigh

We did well from then on though, smashed through the boss' post haste! I already had the achievements but we killed Loken within 2 mins for the timely death achievement (For once I topped the DPS in that fight - mainly down to some good healing from "healingsux" lol) and defeated Volkhan for the Shatter Resistance achievement.

So in conclusion, so far that night I had 1 out of 3 achievements and ran a heroic for nothing and it was now past midnight....better log off right?

Naxx 10

Wrong. In trade chat I saw "LF2 ranged DPS for Naxx 10, 3 boss' left - 4 Horsemen, KT and Sapp. Cool I thought, I've done the Arachnid, Plague and construct quarters so I haven't even seen these bosses before, so I replied "Inv?"

I got a summon and the walk from the Stone to the 4 Horsemen is quite a long walk! The place is HUGE from the inside - you'd never guess from the outside. Anyway, I got there and we had a pre boss tactics talk and went in. I'd not read about/seen these bosses before and I was to tank the ranged horsemen with a Lock and a healer.

The 10 man raid split into 2, Group one - priest healer, Lock and I went to the back of the room and the rest (2 healers, 2 Tanks, rest DPS) stayed at the front. I'm not sure what the job was of the other group but mine was cool:

The boss's split to 4 corners of the room, the front two charge down whoever is at the top of their aggro list while the back two just shoot at whoever is nearest. I stood near one of the back 2 and the Lock stood near the other back one, the healer stood in the middle with the job of keeping us alive. The Lock and I then opened up on the boss' avoiding any black holes until a debuff gets stacked 3 times on us and then we switched boss' - the 3 debuffs from one boss would then wear off while we'd get new ones from the other.

This went back and forth, running right to left (apart from my pet Dave, who died well early on) and it was strange replying on the healer so much, my health would go from near full to down to 2/3k and then back up again like a yo-yo - is this what tanking is like? I'm normally so independent! I kept noticing every now and then that "X has died" in the bottom of the screen - it wasn't the lock or the healer in my group so I ignored it. After another 2 died I got worried - looked right and the 2 other boss' charged us. Wipe. Long walk back!

Attempt 2 was a complete success - we finished them with no deaths! Good stuff.

Hang on a minute, something went your way you ask? Well, not quite...

News Flash one: SERVER RESET IN 12 MINS - looks like I'm not going to see the other 2 boss' today after all :(

News Flash two: Oooh a good hunter shoulder drops Pauldrons of Havoc - a lot better than my Spaulders of the Black Arrow

News Flash three: I roll need, get 96! OMG Some my first piece of new gear in weeks!!

News Flash four: Other hunter who was pretty poor (also in PvP gear) rolls need.......99.

Bed @ 1:45am

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