Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Hey big spender....

New gear!

Didn't get it from anything cool - I bought it for 1,550 gold from the Auction House. That's the most i've ever spent on anything from the AH!

The Armguard of the Tower Archer are the best bracers for a MM Hunter at the moment so it seemed like a valid investment. Wowhead recommends a buy-out price of 1,200 gold so it's only a little over that. The 1,550 was also just a bid, the seller had it on buy-0ut for 3,000 gold!

A nice upgrade from my Eaglebane Bracers which for a sub level-80 item, it has served me suprisingly well!

I've enchanted the new bracers with Greater Assault as I'm currently an enchanter/skinner which also took me up to Lv449 enchanting, only 1 level to go! Now if only I had more dreamshards I could buy some more recipies...

Malygos survives again...

Malygos is officially the luckiest thing in the whole of Azeroth - I joined another PuG and after 4 wipes we gave up again and again we failed at the 3rd Drake stage /sigh

I don't believe you get saved to the raid until you defeat him so in theory you could just keep practising and practising until you can do it - I tend to get into Pugs for this fairly late so time is always against us.

Just in case any of you are going to give this a try, if you haven't done it before you should definitely check out this quest first: Aces High! The Q is available near the Nexus and it lets you fly the drakes with the same abilities as the one in the Malygos fight. This is pretty vital for the 3rd stage as my previous attempts on this boss have all been failures because a few people don't know how to use the drakes. They are different to the ones in the oculus.

One other thing I thought i'd point out for hunters and other ranged DPS out there is that it's not a good fight for us! Malygos has a ridiculously big hit box so if the spark drops anywhere close to him, standing in it for the buff will probably put you in melee range even though it doesn't actually look that close. Best get a DK to grab the spark to a better location!

First Aggro My Own Vegetables Raid Confirmed!

Well out guild has certainly come a long way. From being a small guild on the Burning Legion server we moved to Chromaggus when the queue times were too long and we've grown!

This Sunday (March 15th) we will be doing our first raid - Naxx 10 - so expect to see some updates after that (probably how we all died horrible deaths) and if anyone from AMOV is reading this, don't go and get saved to Naxx 10 before Sunday!

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