Sunday, 8 March 2009


Nothing too exciting to report but here's an update:
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Malygos doesn't like my cooking

Very, very, very late one night I joined a 10 man PuG for EoE. Hardly anyone in the group had fought Malygos before and after 4 wipes we called it a night.

Good experience though, along with KT these are on my "hit list"! (Also title: Champion of the frozen wastes)

New Hat

Don't you think my new hat looks much better? It's from Naxx (see earlier blog posting) and it's called the Arc-Scorched Helmet.

Also, how happy does Sartharion look?


Found and drank an Underbelly Elixir in the Dalaran sewer and went through a temporary transformation. Some people might even say it's an improvement!

Last time I drank the stuff I had an epic duel with DK Asaron - literally bugged and went on for over 10 mins!


With iTunes playing a video podcast back, I ran through Dalaran and into a bank to be greeted by the lowest frame rate I've seen on my iMac!


My iMac isn't brand new - it's the first of the new design iMacs but still, 3 FPS? Not right! Still faster than banking at the Halifax though.

Kinder Surprise

I finally made Exhalted with the Oracles which I had been grinding for a couple of weeks for so I can now finally buy the Talisman of Ablution and the Mysterious Egg.

The talisman is OK, it's good for farming as you get mana back from each kill (for me about 560) but it's not that much really considering a Chimera/Volley shot from me costs 807/857.

The egg however hatches in 7 days (which will be Friday) and I have a 2% chance of the reins of the green proto-drake dropping! Sweet. Not getting my hopes up though, 2% is very low but could be cool. Obviously if I fail i'll just buy another egg on Friday, they cost just under 3 gold. I'll keep you posted on the drop on Friday, fingers crossed!

...and finally

My first title - "World Explorer"

I put this on last as it's not something to be proud of, it just takes some time, a flying mount and being able to alt + tab (Or expose) to wowwiki...

Definitely not a waste of my time (tries to convince himself)


  1. You're doing great! :)
    First off, the congratulations! World Explorer might be easier than, let's say, Champion of the Frozen Wastes, but it's still a great achievement.
    So, gz, Valilor the Explorer!
    Also, nice new helmet.
    I'm sure you're going to down Malygos soon... Let us know the moment it happens! ;)

  2. Thanks!

    Malygos got away again...hopefully it will be 3rd time lucky!