Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Quick Update

I got the Envoy of Mortality from a Naxx 25 Pug! 2 Hunters on KT but luckily the other one had Siren's Cry from Ulduar 25 so left it to me. Exciting end to the encounter too, KT was almost dead when the tank died, so PN (mage) kited him, ice blocked which bought me enough time to Pew Pew (s)Kill Shot! It was like Die Hard or something but, you know, more undead (I guess you could argue Bruce willis is getting closer to KT in every film).

VALERIYA HAS THE GREEN PROTO-DRAKE!! Heloko and I are up to week 12 now waiting for it to hatch from the mysterious egg when Valeriya strolls up and gets it on her second week. Women!

MISSING: HARDMODE. No, not a hard mode in Ulduar but our Our guild's Top DPS(tm) - he has disappeared! Has anyone seen this Destruction Warlock? Rumour has it, Caparzo made good of his word and punched him in the face! Lol

AMOV have also just got further into Ulduar...update to come! :D

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  1. lol im levelin my resto druid atm adam, lvl 75 atm!